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In 9 years we've become the biggest and most reliable mailforwarder — with our own delivery method Qwintry Air and automated convenient warehouses.

Delivering goods from the USA and Europe — is our priority, thousands of clients from all over the world receive their packages with the help of Qwintry. Watch this video about our work process.

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Qwintry originally started with technology and this approach has become our choice forever — all basic software is developed by our in-house IT team: from our website to mobile applications, from warehouse management systems to helpdesk and task setting system.

We are certain that technology can significantly change services for people therefore at Qwintry there are always many tasks for our IT team.

Read how technology has changed our service, and what we have achieved in 9 years

Mail forwarding

Buy products in the USA and Europe and send to your personal address at Qwintry. We will pack them safely and ship to your home address.

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Shopping Assistance

Entrust your online purchases to our operators: we will take care of all communications with stores and trace the delivery to the Qwintry warehouse.

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Business solutions

Grow your business with us. We offer advanced warehouse and logistics solutions for wholesale customers on special terms

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We have warehouses in different countries (we are we are still in the logistics business). The largest is now in the US. Shipping from America is often done by our own fast and reliable method - Qwintry Air. We take the most responsible approach at work and therefore we prefer to manage and control our warehouse rather than use some outsourcing companies.

Perhaps this is not the cheapest way but this solution helps us to be more flexible in business process, and by all means it is more secure.

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Managers of many companies say that they value their employees. Some really think so but for others, it's just the right words. At Qwintry we came up with some rules and have been following them for 9 years. They have helped us more than once to survive currency drops, changes in customs laws and economic crises.

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Every month you entrust us with your purchases worth millions of dollars, and we do everything possible to justify your trust! Among other things, this also applies to security issues: storage of customer data on our website, protection from unscrupulous vendors, physical safety of goods and packages.

Compliance with legislation

Sending a variety of goods between countries involves knowing and following the rules of customs regulation. Therefore, our warehouse specialists regularly attend trainings and seminars on current international delivery regulations. «Shopping help» service allows you to buy through Qwintry


Our clients have access to simple and reliable insurance of packages against any harm: loss, damage, theft. In addition to the cost of goods, you can insure the cost of delivery.

Secure data storage

We carefully store user data