How it works?

Step 1

Registration on Banderolka website

After registering on Banderolka Web site, you will receive a personal address in the US and Germany. You can use this address when you are ordering from the foreign online stores.

Important:  When registering on our website, please make sure your first and last name is matching the name written on your bank card: if this information for some reason is different, you may experience problems with the order and delivery. For security reasons, we recommend having one personal account per user. If necessary, by individual request only, we can add additional family members and other relatives names to the account.


Step 2

Making a purchase

Pick your products from any European and US online stores. Choose your personal address at Banderolka Warehouse as your delivery address, pay for your purchases and wait for the parcels to be delivered to our warehouse.

To save time, use our «Purchase Assistance» service. It is very simple, just send the link with the information about the product you are interested to buy in the form of the order to your Personal Account, and specify all the necessary parameters (size, color, etc.). Our operator will check if it is available and will calculate the final price taking into consideration any possible discounts and will reply to you within 24 hours. Next, you will just have to refill your Personal Account balance and wait for the order to be ready.

Important:  Before ordering anything you have to make a research about possible customs limitations for a certain products (notification, customs limit, and prohibited goods). 


Step 3

Creating a delivery

When you place an order, the online store indicates the approximate delivery period of each product to the Qwintry warehouse. You can track your parcel through the tracking number provided by the store (this information usually comes to your email after you confirm the order). When all purchased goods arrive to our warehouse, you will see them in your personal account and will be able to form a shipment to your house.

To do this, you need to fill out a declaration and choose the most convenient delivery method. You can specify your requests of how to pack the parcel in the comments to the shipment. If you want us to leave the postal packaging or extra pack some specific item, type which item should be wrapped with film. We normally ship non-fragile light parcels up to 3 kg in plastic bags. If you want the shipment to be in the box, you should also indicate this in the comments.

Please note that a packer can only fulfill a short request related to packaging. He can’t add or remove anything from the parcel or take a photo. If additional services are required, you can use special requests, more information can be found here. It is better to submit a special request before shipment, wait for it to be fulfilled, and then to form a parcel. Otherwise, the execution of the special request will suspend the packaging process.

After forming a shipment, an invoice will be issued (invoice for delivery from our warehouse to your town). All that is left to do is to replenish the balance in your account for the specified amount, and the parcel will be sent to your house.


Step 4

Receiving the package

You can choose delivery to the items pick up point or use courier method. Immediately after the package has left the warehouse, a tracking number will appear on your account.

Important:  After receiving the package, make sure to videotape the unpacking process- it is necessary to resolve issues on insurance cases. To get a discount coupon for your next delivery, just write a review and tell your friends how your package arrived.

Enjoy the shopping! :)

Still have questions? A detailed FAQ is available here. Or you can contact our helpdesk. We will be happy to help you!