Shop Help

Can’t speak English? The store doesn’t accept foreign bank cards for payment or send goods to the address of the mail forwarder? Do not want to spend time on shopping on your own?

The Shop help service from Qwintry solves all these issues: you simply make an order through a convenient form in your account, and we buy out the product for you in online stores and deliver it to our warehouse.

Before making an order, check with the list of goods forbidden for shipment by the rules of Qwintry.

There is a list of US stores that do not accept Russian bank cards and/or do not send orders to forwarder addresses. The Shop help service allows you to get the goods from these stores without problems. Additionally, the service offers many other benefits:

  • order support from the moment of creation to its arrival at the warehouse;
  • search and application of discount coupons;
  • special request for photos;
  • filling in customs declarations; 
  • claims with the seller if/when necessary;
  • processing of returns to the store.

Important: Use the extension for Chrome browser. The extension simplifies the process of preparing the list of goods - instead of copying the links to the goods, you simply add the goods to the Qwintry shopping cart directly from the store's website. Purchase order is created in one click!

The cost of the service is:
US stores: 7% of the cost of goods, but not less than $10
European stores: 7% of the cost of goods, but not less than 10 euros
If the cost of goods is more than $1000 (1000 euros), the fee is 5%

How Shop Help works


Go to Shop Help page

Go to your account at the Qwintry website, select the Shop Help menu in the "My Account" section.


Add a new order

To make an order for the required product, click the "Add a new order" button.


Fill in the form

To make a buyout order, click the "New order" button and fill in all the information: the name of the product, the link to it, the cost in the store; when ordering clothes and shoes, you must specify the size and color. For the most accurate execution of your order, we recommend that you fill in the "Note" section for all the wishes. For questions and more detailed notes, use the "Comment" section.

The example of purchase in "Michael Kors"

As an example, consider filling in an application for a bag from the official Michael Kors store, which does not accept international bank cards for payment and does not send its goods to intermediaries' addresses.

In the screenshot, we noted all the information that you need for ordering.


This how a completed application for the purchase of a bag in Shop Help looks like:

After checking the entered data, click the "Save"button. The expected cost of the service is calculated automatically and will be adjusted after the exact weight of the parcel and your packing wishes become known. Approximate shipping costs from the warehouse to your home can be estimated using our Calculator.


Availability check

The saved order is checked by the operator, specifying the availability of the goods in the store, its price, and the cost of delivery to the Qwintry warehouse. After checking, the final cost of the order appears, which includes the goods themselves, the service and delivery in the USA.


Agreement to buyout of goods

You receive a notification with the final price of the order via e-mail. After reading the e-mail, you can agree to the purchase ("I agree" button) or refuse the service ("I disagree" button).


Recharge the balance on the site

If you have agreed to use Shop Help, you need to recharge the balance for the amount specified in the calculation of the operator. Money will be debited from the balance automatically.


Track the status of your parcel

All statuses for order and its completion can be tracked in your account. Notifications of status changes or new comments from the operator will be sent to your mail.

Delivery to the Qwintry warehouse usually takes from three to seven working days. After the delivery of the parcel to the warehouse, the operators will register it in your personal account and fill in the goods declaration, after that the parcel will be ready for shipment or consolidation with other goods.

Attention! Qwintry doesn’t participate in auctions - buyout is possible only under the condition of a fixed goods price.

Detailed information about the Shop Help service can be found here.