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The online-store does not accept your card of a foreign bank or refuses to send the goods to mail forwarder's address? Or maybe you simply don’t want to waste your time doing everything yourself?

Qwintry’s Shopping Help will take care of everything. All you need to do is place an order via a convenient form in your personal account, and we will buy the necessary item for you and deliver it to Qwintry’s warehouse.

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How to place an order?

To place an order for buying an item press the «New Order» button and fill in all the necessary fields: the item’s name, the link to it, the price in the shop. For clothing and shoes shopping, it is necessary to specify the size and color as well. We also recommend filling the «Comment» section which will help us to complete your order as accurately as possible.

Check if all the information of the desired goods is correct. You can edit the details by going back or agree to process the order. If the order was calculated automatically, you can request the payment at this very stage or proceed to the final step with the help of the «I Agree» button.

The payment for your order will be processed right after the final settlement. You can refill the balance and add the pre-estimate sum to your account in advance in order to quicken the buyout. If the amount of purchase is smaller, the available funds will remain on your account balance. It can be used for delivering the parcel to your home.

What’s next?

Warehouse delivery

Delivery to Qwintry’s warehouse takes approximately 3-7 working days in the USA. After that, the operators will add it to your personal account and fill out the English part of the declaration; the declaration must be completed in full and saved by the client. Then the parcel can be sent to your home or consolidated with your other purchases.

Notifications with status updates or the operator’s new comments will be sent to your email and as push notifications.

Purchase check

We recommend using the special requests to check the purchased goods at the Qwintry warehouse. A standard special request for photos is free of charge for Shopping help customers. You can create a special request in your personal account on the parcel page. After it is completed, you will be able to check the items and send them to your home address. If you notice any problems with the purchase — write a comment in the order. If the problem is discovered after the parcel has been delivered to the customer, the return to the store will not be possible in most cases.

Services fees

Shopping help

10% of the item(s) cost,
7% for orders from $1000 (€1000)

Minimum fee is $13 for service in the US

30% discount with Services fees, pic. 1


Pre-order buyout from 1 to 6 month

13% of the product cost,
10% for orders over $1000 (€1000)

$15 minimum cost of the service in the US

The pre-order buyout is not available on all of the retail platforms and not from all of the stores/sellers. Please check the possibility of placing a pre-order with the operators of the “Shopping Help” service in the order form.

30% discount with Services fees, pic. 2

Services fees, pic. 3

Express purchase

13% of the item(s) cost

Minimum fee is $15 for service in the US

An express redemption service is available, where we guarantee the redemption of your order within 6 hours at any time of the day. Currently we offer it for the following shops in the USA: 6pm, Amazon.

Priority status of the order works after purchasing and implies faster answers to comments, faster checking and updating information on your order and parcel, but it doesn’t influence the delivery time from the store or private address. You can activate the express purchase before confirmation of the order.

Please, note that express purchase cannot be combined with coupons and promo codes for free Shopping Help.


Private address

$10 for orders in the USA

Some online stores do not send orders to Qwintry’s warehouse or those of other mail forwarders. In order for our customers to purchase goods in such stores, we arrange delivery to private addresses of the parcel, and then forward orders to the warehouse. Shopping Help operators will inform you in advance if it is necessary to use this service.

Orders from some of the stores can only be placed on private addresses located in sales tax states. Information about the availability and the amount of the tax is provided by operators in the calculation and comments on the order.

This service costs $10 for orders made in the US. If the total weight of the incoming parcels within one order is over 12 lbs (5.5 kg), the overweight charge is calculated as $10 per every 12 lbs. Our Shopping Help operators will let you know in advance about the necessity of delivering parcels to a private address.


Return of goods

To return products purchased with the “Shopping Help” service, you need to create a return request in the order form: select the items to be returned to the store and specify the reason why you are returning them. After checking the possibility of return and the return policy of the store, our operators will report the total amount of the return. The funds are returned to the client after the products are sent to the store; the commission for the “Shopping Help” service is non-refundable.

Any questions regarding the items quality and their proper conformity are considered within 14-30 days (depending on the policy of a store) from the moment the parcel from a store is delivered to the Qwintry warehouse, or within 7 days from the moment the customer recieved the package with the items.

Please do not try to return your purchase directly to the store because the refund is credited to the buyer, i.e., to the Qwintry account, and not directly to your credit card, as in the case of an independent purchase. This is the reason why getting your order refunded through our operators is essential.

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The pre-order product redemption is not available on all of the retail platforms and not from all of the stores/sellers. Please check the possibility of placing a pre-order with the operators of the “Shopping Help” service in the order form.



Qwintry does not participate in auctions — buy-back is only possible when the item’s price is fixed.


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Any questions?

We have a detailed FAQ. You can also contact us via our helpdesk — we are always there to help!

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