Delivery of goods from the USA to Sierra Leone

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Shipping cost to Sierra Leone

The shipping from the USA to Sierra Leone cost depends on the shipping options, insurance and the chosen carrier. Qwintry members have the option to select their preferred carrier and the fastest delivery time.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Sierra Leone?
The cheapest shipping way to Sierra Leone from the USA is to select slower delivery methods like First Class or USPS Priority.

First Class
USPS Priority
USPS Express
DHL Express

Price for a parcel weighing 1 kilogram when delivered from the USA to Sierra Leone

The Shipping process — calculate time and cost

Calculate the costs of Qwintry services. All you need is your outgoing package's weight and dimensions!

How long does it take to ship from the USA to Sierra Leone?

Delivery times from USA to Sierra Leone may vary depending on the type of delivery service selected. Express delivery usually takes 8-18 days. Economy Class services take longer: delivery time is 10 business days longer.

Delivery times may vary depending on factors such as customs clearance. Select the delivery service that best suits your needs based on your desired delivery speed and budget.

Top stores shopped from Sierra Leone

Shopping in the USA means hundreds of multi brand and mono brand online stores, almost all of which have their discount sections. You can buy clothing, gadgets, household items, and even jewelry. And Qwintry will provide reliable delivery and shipping from the US to Sierra Leone!

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What stores don’t deliver directly to Sierra Leone?

Unfortunately, many major retailers, like GAP, Bath and Body Works, 6 PM, don't offer international shipping to Sierra Leone. Some, such as Ralph Lauren, may sell their products through official retail partners, but only to select regions, and with higher costs.

Certain companies claim to ship internationally, but may rely on third-party e-commerce providers that can result in higher shipping costs to your location. To avoid spending more than necessary on your preferred products, consider using Qwintry shipping to Sierra Leone from the US, as our international accessibility policy eliminates any concerns.?

Why Qwintry?

In  14 years we’ve become the biggest and most reliable mailforwarder — with our own delivery methods and automated convenient warehouses.

Delivering goods from the USA — is our priority, thousands of clients from all over the world receive their packages with the help of Qwintry.

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Restrictions and Taxes

Are there shipping restrictions to Sierra Leone?

Like many other countries, Sierra Leone has specific restrictions on the items that can be imported. As well as some local taxes, which may apply depending on the type and value of the goods delivered.

What can I and what can’t I ship to Sierra Leone? Check the List of prohibited products & countries before making a purchase. Before you shop, be sure to review our pohibited and restricted items list.

Forbidden Goods

Do I have to pay duties and taxes when shopping from the USA and shipping to Sierra Leone?

In many situations, duties and taxes are typically required when making purchases from the US and shipping internationally. The assessment of these duties and taxes varies depending on each country's regulations. The de minimis value of your country determines whether local customs will impose a duty or tax on your shipment. Duties and VAT are calculated based on the customs value of the goods, which includes the item, insurance, and shipping.

Customs duties in Sierra Leone

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