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These stores are the biggest hits with the Banderolka users

Multibrand platforms


Department stores

The biggest hit with the Banderolka users! Huge selection, convenient returns, lots of sellers to choose from, quick delivery, and simple procedure for making independent orders.

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Multibrand platforms, auctions

The second most popular online retailer among the Banderolka users. Huge selection, lots of sellers from all over the globe, discounts and epic deals for many types of goods.

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How to order on ebay PayPal - the key to safe shopping and more
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Multibrand platforms

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Online retailer Zappos.com


Multibrand platforms

This store offers ultrafashionable clothes and shoes for the whole family, as well as cosmetics and accessories.

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Nordstrom: from head to feet

Clothes, shoes, and accessories


Multibrand women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes, shoes, and accessories

The most popular online discounter offering epic deals for clothes and shoes. 6PM is a stock warehouse of Amazon, and it offers great warehouse deals for a wide range of products – from jewelry to consumer electronics.

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Tips on buying at 6pm


Clothes and shoes for children and adults

GAP is the most convenient store for those who want to buy clothes for the whole family without having to run around from one store to another. It is also important that this website sells goods of superb quality coming at reasonable prices.

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GAP: Fashion Clothes for the Whole Family


Clothes and shoes

Levi’s is arguably the best-known jeans brand around the globe. And our users know this like nobody else does. In Russia, the price of one pair of Levi’s jeans is more than 4 000 rubles, while on the official website you can buy them for $30 or even less (for example, buying three pairs at a price of one), especially if you wait until the discount time.

Articles on Banderolka:
Levi’s – Three Pairs at a Price of One

Ralph Lauren

Clothes and shoes

One of the best-known and most recognizable brands in the world is America’s Ralph Lauren. The clothes, shoes and accessories that they produce are famous for their elegance and style. Innovation and creativity is the main motto of the company, which has been spoiling its fans since 1967.

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Ralph Lauren: the history of beauty and style

Victoria’s Secret

Women’s clothes and accessories

A popular online retailer of women’s lingerie, swimwear, and home clothes. The brand positions itself as “affordable luxury”; its website has a permanent section of discount sales.

Articles on Banderolka:
Victoria’s Secret - women’s lingerie at affordable prices

Old Navy

Clothes and accessories

This store is part of the GAP empire; it offers clothes for teenagers, pregnant women and young people. Frequent sales and fairly low prices combined with very good quality make this brand one of the most popular in the world.

Articles on Banderolka:
Shopping at Old Navy

Tommy Hilfiger

Clothes, shoes, and accessories

Today, Tommy Hilfiger produces a full range of clothes and accessories. One should give a special mention to jeans, wristwatches, and shoes known for their invariable high quality.

Articles on Banderolka:
Tommy Hilfiger, the world-renowned brand


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

This online retailer offers stylish youth clothes for men’s, women’s and children’s wardrobe at budget-friendly prices. Sales and promotions are frequently organized, during which you can buy a lot of things with an even 70% discount.


Clothes, shoes, and accessories for the whole family

In spite of its “youth” orientation, this store offers products for different age categories, starting with children from 4 years old. Thanks to a wide size range, adults can dress here as well.

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Aeropostale youth clothing: fashionable, practical, inexpensive


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

Hm.com is a favorite website with many connoisseurs of fashion. The store’s assortment is constantly updated with new products from famous designers, and the American website offers a choice and prices much better than its Russian counterpart.


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

Timberland can be bought at a much better price in the USA than in Russia – you will be able to save about 50% off every pair of shoes. In Russia, even imitations of this brand cost more than the originals in America.

Articles on Banderolka:
Timberland shoes – stylish and durable from the very heart of America!


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

This store traditionally attracts the attention of connoisseurs of expensive high-quality clothing from the most famous international brands, jewelry and accessories.


Clothes and accessories

This is a store where you can buy carnival costumes for your whole family and even for your pets!


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

A big online retailer specializing in clothes, shoes and fashionable accessories for the whole family.



An online retailer of shoes which are famous and extremely popular all over the world, offering flashy and unusual goods for adults and children.


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

Articles on Banderolka:
Modern American style from Banana Republic


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

This brand creates elegant and very comfortable clothes of high quality. Any clothes from J. Crew collections are appropriate in the office, at a party, on a date, and at a business meeting.


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

One of the biggest online retailers offering its customers top-quality clothes, shoes and accessories.

Michael Kors

Clothes, shoes, and accessories

Here you can buy famous bags, dresses and many other products made by the sketches of the famous American designer Michael Kors.


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

The world’s most popular Spanish brand of clothes, shoes, and accessories. What makes the American zara.com different from the Russian online store is lower prices and a huge selection; during the sales season the entire range is offered for almost nothing.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Clothes, shoes, and accessories

Abercrombie & Fitch is a store for those who like an active lifestyle and prefer practical, high-quality, and stylish things to wear. Abercrombie & Fitch clothing combines elegant simplicity with high quality materials and cut. One of the key advantages of these clothes is the top-quality fabric.

Articles on Banderolka:
Abercrombie & Fitch... a brand with a hundred-year history


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

The brand’s online store offers stylish and fashion accessories, clothes, and shoes made of the highest quality materials.

Calvin Klein

Clothes, shoes, and accessories

The brand online store. Here you can buy famous quality jeans, bags and other accessories.


Shoes and accessories

An online boutique of the world-famous shoes, popularly known as top-siders.

Articles on Banderolka:
Top-siders - an excellent combination of price, style and comfort!


Clothes and shoes

An online catalogue of men’s and women’s clothes from the Italian brand Diesel. Stylish things and new collections for the fans of European quality.

Articles on Banderolka:
Diesel online store



Quality and very affordable American jeans. The official website shows all the popular models.

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Buying the Lee jeans epoch-tested quality!


Clothes and shoes

American manufacturer of classic jeans. Affordable prices, great quality and regular deals! In addition to jeans, you can buy other kinds of clothes in the store.

Articles on Banderolka:
How to go about selecting and purchasing jeans from America


Clothes and shoes, аксессуары

An online store for the fans of outdoor activities. Here you will find absolutely everything that you may need on a fishing trip or in a hike.


Clothes and shoes

A store for the fans of classical cowboy clothes. You can buy here quality things to wear made from natural materials for men and women. The real cowboys of the 21st century dress here!


Clothes and shoes

A huge online retailer of clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry. Best brands and rare models are represented. Price category ranges from inexpensive to premium.


Clothes and shoes

A large multi-brand street-streetwear store; the assortment features legendary brands and models, for example, Mishka NYC.


Clothes and shoes, аксессуары

A huge and unusual shop, in which – alongside designer goods and a unique hand-made items – you will find quality things in the basic style.


Department stores

A huge online shopping mall with a lot of goods for home and more: furniture and interior items, household appliances, digital and computer equipment, clothing and footwear, accessories, jewelry, books, toys, pet products and much more. Great deals for various brands are represented here as well.


Accessories (sunglasses)

Arguably, the most iconic brand of sunglasses in the world!

Articles on Banderolka:
Buying sunglasses: everything about Ray Ban, Persol and Oakley


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

The online store of the famous Italian brand where you can find the hottest models of the current season.

Ann Taylor

Clothes and shoes

Women’s clothes from the famous American fashion designer Ann Taylor. This online store will please the modern business ladies with a huge selection of clothes to wear to the office.

Articles on Banderolka:
Ann Taylor: branded women’s clothes for any taste!


Clothes and shoes

Luckybrand.com is an online store, in which jeans are more than just casual clothes. Here you will find high-quality things from denim and simple knitwear (tops, dresses and even pajamas). In addition to clothing, you can buy stylish shoes and accessories.

Andrew Mark

Clothes and shoes

An online store of quality outerwear (leather jackets, sheepskin coats, woolen coats, etc.) and shoes for men and women.


Fashion clothes

Famous American designer clothing store for men, women and children. Famous for its classic style and mind-blowing sales!


Fashion clothes, cosmetics, fragrancies

The world-famous French brand of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and fragrancies. This brand has been and is favored by the world’s most beautiful women: Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, and Keira Knightley.



High-quality everyday wear from America, the flagship of the casual style. Esprit is one of the most affordable American brands.



Luxury jeans, fashion clothes and accessories. Guess creates collection for men, women, children and even babies.



An online store that offers thousands of models of designer women’s shoes: from formal shoes to warm little boots.


Clothes and shoes

One of the oldest and largest retail networks in the USA. Macy’s offers clothes, footwear and accessories to suit any taste.

Nine West

Shoes and accessories

A huge selection of fashionable shoes and women’s bags.


Shoes and accessories

Clothes and protective equipment for bikers and other fans of quality leather products.



An online store with an impressive range of men’s and women’s top brands of underwear: Calvin Klein, Wacoal, 2xist, Diesel and more.



An online retailer specializing in top jeans brands: Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Wrangler.



Working clothes that can also be used as clothing for hiking and outdoor activities, as well as gardening equipment. Different colors, sizes and models are available.


Youth clothing, accessories, and gifts

Important: by default, the website shows the British page. To shop in the USA, please select “Shop North America”.

This store will become a real godsend for young people choosing unconventional things of original styles and colors to fit their image. The selection of this online retailer also features unusual gift sets for various occasions.


An online store of members-only sales. Clothes, shoes, and accessories

One of the largest shops of members-only sales offers products of famous brands with discounts up to 80%. In addition to clothing and footwear for men, women, children, the range of Ruelala includes household items and jewelry.

River Island

Clothes, shoes, and accessories

One of the world’s most successful British brands of stylish casualwear which comes at a budget-friendly price. The range also includes bags, footwear, and accessories.


Clothes and accessories

An inexpensive brand of everyday and celebration clothing, bags and shoes, focusing on the most current fashion trends.


Clothes and accessories

A Japanese brand of casualwear, famous for its modern design and high quality combined with very affordable prices.

Articles on Banderolka:
UNIQLO: Japanese quality at a budget-friendly price


Jewelry and watches

An iconic brand of designer jewelry, watches, and stylish accessories.


An online store of members-only sales. Clothes and shoes for children and future moms.

This store of members-only sales specializes in goods for children and future moms. Discounts up to 70% every day and a very large range of goods.


Cosplay, carnival costumes, special occasion costumes

Carnival suits for the parties, and special occasions for cosplay fans. Options for adults, children, and even pets are available. The range also includes the holiday and thematic house decor.


Clothes, shoes, and accessories

The brand with rather democratic prices offers clothes for adults and children, goods for recreation, accessories and footwear. A large selection and high quality have made this brand popular all over the world.


Accessories, decorations, hobby items

America’s largest online store for creating hand-made jewelry. Beads, pendants, stones, chains, locks, silk laces and other materials. Many finished products are offered, wholesale prices are often found.


Women’s clothes and accessories

This online store offers dresses, costumes, shoes and accessories that are sure to come in handy for going out to a party in a nightclub or going on a date.


Carnival costumes and accessories

This online store offers a huge selection of carnival and masquerade costumes for adults, children and even pets, as well as all the necessary accessories to complement the unusual image.

Consumer electronics


Gadgets and consumer electronics

The ultimate selection of computers, consumer electronics, and replacement parts for various gadgets.


Consumer electronics

iPhone and iPad for their real value only on the official US site, which offers the most popular technology in the world by Apple.


Kitchen goods

Accessories for making and having coffee from the world’s most popular chain of coffee houses.


Kitchen goods

Cult mixers on the brand’s website can be bought for such a ridiculous, in comparison with the Russian, price, that, even taking into account the delivery cost, you will save more than half of the unit’s price.

Articles on Banderolka:
How to buy KitchenAid in the USA and save 350-800 dollars


Consumer electronics

A great selection of electronics, epic deals on holidays. The store specializes in photo and video equipment; many other electronic items are also available.

Articles on Banderolka:
Bhphotovideo.com, an online store of consumer electronics


Consumer electronics

A monobrand store of Oculus Rift VR glasses. If it is produced by Oculus, it is available here.


Consumer electronics

An American brand, known to the whole world for its technological home helpers. Excellent robotic vacuum cleaners, parts and accessories.

Articles on Banderolka:
Choosing a robot vac cleaner in the USA!


Consumer electronics

An online store of consumer electronics replacement parts with a huge selection.



Sportswear, shoes, and accessories

Here you can find everything you need for sports and active travel – from clothes and tents to shoes and equipment for extreme tourism.

Articles on Banderolka:
Backcountry.com: the largest store for athletes


Sport goods, footwear

This online store offers products of different brands: clothes, footwear and accessories for tourism, sports and for outdoor activities.

Articles on Banderolka:
Sierra Trading Post: best brands for best prices


Sportswear, shoes, and accessories

An online store where sportswear, footwear and accessories of the legendary world-famous brand are offered at much more favorable prices than in Russia.

Articles on Banderolka:
Buying Nike trainers: Just Do It!


Sportswear, shoes, and accessories

A branded online store of one of the most famous American sports brands. A great selection of sportswear and footwear!

Articles on Banderolka:
New Balance training shoes
Legends and myths about JoesNewBalanceOutlet


Sportswear, shoes, and accessories

A specialized sports goods store offers customers clothes, shoes and accessories from the most famous brands.


Sportswear, shoes, and accessories

An online store of branded sports goods. The website offers quality sportswear and shoes from different collections of the brand.


Sport, clothes and footwear, sports nutrition

An online store for hockey players and fans Here you can buy fan clothes and, of course, a wide variety of equipment for the game.


Sportswear, shoes, and accessories

An online store for hockey players and fans. The range includes outfitting, sportswear, accessories, and more.

Under Armour


Under Armour is a popular American sportswear brand. Sportswear of this brand is arguably considered to be the best underwear for professional athletes. The main feature of Under Armor clothes and shoes is a unique system of protection against extreme weather conditions. These clothes can handle heat, frost and even the vagaries of the capricious and changeable Russian climate.

Articles on Banderolka:
Under Armour: armor for sports


Sport goods

An online retailer specializing in selling hockey outfit and accessories. A true hockey paradise for both amateurs and professionals alike.


Sport goods

An online store with a wide selection of clothes and accessories for tennis.


Sport goods

Online store with goods for boxing: clothes, shoes, gloves and other accessories. There are also items for women and children available.


Fan clothes

Competition form, clothing and souvenir products bearing the logo of your favorite team. All kinds of sports and teams, including teams of American colleges and universities.


Sportswear, shoes, and accessories

This online store chiefly specializes in snowboarding clothes, boots, and accessories. The store also offers products for fitness, tourism and travel from the world’s most famous sports brands coming at very attractive prices.



Everything for fishing: fishing rods, spools, spoon-baits, rare baits and other accessories of great quality.


Musical instruments, gear and equipment

An online store of musical instruments, accessories, equipment and technology. The range also includes books on music and thematic clothes.


Sportswear, outdoor clothes, shoes, and accessories

This is a real online shopping mall for fans of hiking and outdoor activities. Here you can buy quality clothes and travel shoes, as well as all the necessary accessories.


Sportswear, shoes, and accessories

Special features: the outlet of Backcountry.com

The outlet platform of one of the most famous American stores Backcountry.com, selling clothes, shoes, equipment for hikers and outdoor activities. Here you can get epic deals for last year's collections of famous sports brands.



If you want to try yourself in the role of a real jeweler (or you are one already), this store will surely be a real revelation for you. Here you will find everything you need for jewelry making at the lowest possible price.



Clothes and goods for children

This store is a total hit with the parents around the globe, and, of course, the Banderolka users. Huge selection, very low prices and the highest quality of goods – all these things are characteristic of Catrer’s. A top-quality T-shirt for a girl for $4.80 or a pullover for a boy for $6.99? Only at Carter’s!

Articles on Banderolka:
How to order from carters.com


Clothes and shoes for children

Gymboree is a store that is familiar to all parents who are looking for quality clothes for their children. One of the largest online retailers of children’s clothing in the US.

Articles on Banderolka:
Where to purchase or to order Gymboree children’s clothing


Children’s goods

A daughter brand of Gymboree. The main idea of Crazy8 was the retail sale of affordable children’s clothing produced in the USA. Today, shopping in this online retailer is accessible not only to Americans, but also to residents of other countries.

Articles on Banderolka:
Crazy8.com: clothes and shoes for children from the USA


Children’s goods

This store is a veritable paradise for big and small fans of Disney cartoons. Toys, gadgets, dishes – everything is presented in the spirit and style of popular cartoons and films that we all know from our childhood.

Articles on Banderolka:
How to order at DisneyStore.com


Toys and tabletop games for children

This store offers many toys for children of different ages. In this store, you can find the figures of all the characters of modern animated cartoons and children’s films, thematic sets and much more.


Children’s clothes

US-famous brand of clothing and accessories for children aged from a newborn to 12 years old. The competitive edge of the brand is proven safe materials, isolated seams, the absence of “dangerous” fittings and rigorous quality control.


Children’s goods

Toys “R” Us is the most famous in the US hypermarket of goods for children. Hundreds of brands and thousands of items, permanent promotions and discounts, a sea of different toys.

Articles on Banderolka:
Toys“R”Us: the most “children’s” store


Children’s goods

A huge mega-market, on the online showcases of which you will find everything you need for a child: clothes, shoes, toys, accessories for newborns and much more.


Children’s goods

Children’s place: the territory of childhood

Articles on Banderolka:
Children’s place: the territory of childhood


Children’s goods

This multi-brand online store with a tell-tall name offers high-quality men’s, women’s and children’s shoes for every season.

Cosmetics, fragrancies


Cosmetic and accessories

Online platform of the world-famous brand. It offers a wide range of cosmetics and accessories for make-up.

Articles on Banderolka:
Sephora - a place, where the beauty is born

Anastasia Beverly Hills


The official online store of the world-famous brand – expert in eyebrow care. Here you will find pencils, the legendary tweezers, gels, pallets, serums, grooming aids and much more.

Articles on Banderolka:
Anastasia Beverly Hills: an expert in eyebrow care
Preparing for the International Ladies' Day: a review of independent cosmetic brands



Online store of the MAC professional cosmetic. The official website always shows the novelties of the brand in a full color palette.


Hair care

Low prices for paints, shampoos, conditioners, serums and products for hair styling. The catalog also contains products for skin care and nail polish.


Medical and decorative cosmetics

This online platform offers organic cosmetic: natural lip balms, lotions and creams. All the products are known for their high quality components.



An online store specializing in the sale of decorative cosmetics and various care products from the world’s leading brands.



On this online platform you can buy decorative and therapeutic cosmetics, as well as makeup accessories, hair styling kits, manicure, pedicure, etc.

Too Faced


A cosmetic brand known for its shadow pallets and original formulas of mascara. Too Faced is graced by many Hollywood stars; it is also preferred by many professional makeup artists.

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