Prohibited Items

According to the US Government regulations Qwintry does not ship packages to sanctioned countries and territories: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Crimea. Shipments to Russia are subject to Export Administration Regulations from Bureau of Industry and Security, Department of Commerce.
Shipping of any kind of used electronics with lithium batteries via the USPS mail services is forbidden.

The following is a list of goods and services that Qwintry cannot help you with at the moment:

  1. Sending packages to locations in the United States. Qwintry can only send packages to other countries;
  2. Receiving and sending gift cards and gift certificates, or any information contained on them;
  3. Receiving and sending goods, that have been paid by gift cards and gift certificates;
  4. Receiving and sending orders with gift-wrap. We remove any gift-wrap during packing;
  5. Receiving and sending mail that contains coupons or any type of separately packaged promotional item;
  6. Acceptance and handling of items purchased through Instacart or similar services is permitted by preliminary approval at a cost of $ 5 per each item; such orders must contain the customer's full name and suite number. If these conditions are not met, Qwintry has the right to dispose of such goods at its own discretion without paying any compensation to the user;
  7. The disassembly of bicycles, chairs, children’s furniture or any other large, fully-assembled items and the disassembly of any type of computers;
  8. Receiving and sending weapons, parts of weapons, as well as goods similar to them or dual-use products, such as night vision devices, stun guns, optic sights, accessories (devices that improve the performance of weapons), tools, equipment, toy / imitation weapons, similar to real ones, as well as thermal sights for smartphones, thermal imagers for use in hunting and construction, and other similar products. In case these items are in the Qwintry warehouse, they can be returned only to the seller and/or store they were bought from, without forwarding to other addresses in the US;
  9. Shipment of any quadcopters, drones and other flying radio-controlled devices;
  10. Receiving and shipping any type of knife. Nail clippers or folding pocket knives (excluding switchblades) with blade length of 85 mm or less and kitchen knives may be shipped through USPS Priority Mail, with liability resting on the client;
  11. Receiving and shipping radios, electronic, laser, radio/radar detectors/RF scanners. In addition, Qwintry Air restricts the delivery of various forms of radio equipment (receivers, transmitters, antennae etc.) that operate on frequencies other than AM, FM, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi (both spectrum bands);
  12. Receiving and shipping pressurized aerosols, flammable items, alcohol, and alcohol-containing products;
  13. Receiving and sending fine art or museum-quality items, such as antiques, paintings and other pieces of art;
  14. Receiving and sending fragile items (crockery, fragile cosmetics (eye and cheek palettes, powder, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc.), glass or porcelain, parts of chandeliers, etc., as well as monitors, TVs, computers with a screen diagonal more than 17 inches);
  15. Receiving, processing, and shipping of items with strong smell and other goods that may cause harm to employees and/or other parcels;
  16. Receiving and shipping synthetic fragrance oils. For example Candle Science, and the other products of the same kind;
  17. Receiving and sending insecticides, pesticides;
  18. Receiving and sending tobacco or any product that contains tobacco and/or nicotine;
  19. The shipment of Apple products to countries outside the United States is possible exclusively through Qwintry Air. USPS does not offer insurance for these products;
  20. Also insurance does not cover any electronic items. We DO NOT RECOMMEND sending smartphones, tablets and laptops through USPS without insurance;
  21. Restrictions on sending electronic devices (smartphones and tablets):
    • Through Qwintry Air: no more than two devices with one lithium battery included (with the exception of lithium metal) in the same package;
    • Through USPS and Economy: no more than two devices with one lithium battery (with the exception of lithium metal) in the same package;
    • Shipping lithium batteries in separate packaging;
    • Shipping lithium battery-powered devices through DHL is not possible;
    • Only two devices with installed lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries are allowed in each parcel;
    • Shipping devices with lithium-metall batteries;
    • Power banks are not allowed to be shipped via USPS as they are considered to be external batteries; we still can ship power banks via Qwintry Air and Economy ONLY with gadgets that they are expected to be used with;
  22. Shipping jewelry through USPS Express. For USPS Priority and Qwintry Economy, the total cost of goods should not exceed $150. Precious stones of any kind or natural diamonds, except for jewelry;
  23. Shipping coins, bills and other forms of currency, as well as medals and military decorations;
  24. Perishable goods, as well as items requiring a special temperature conditions during storage and transportation;
  25. Receiving and shipping medicines purchased outside the US/EU, and receiving and shipping medicines that require a prescription;
  26. Biological organisms, biomaterials, fossils, seeds or parts of plants;
  27. Herbal tea;
  28. Narcotic and psychoactive drugs or their chemical precursors, CBD, including those designated for medical use (accordingly to customs regulations of sender‘s and recipient’s countries);
  29. Products containing animal fats in food products (cheeses, sausages, etc.). This prohibition does not apply to sports nutrition, dietary supplements and vitamins;
  30. Other goods prohibited from being transported in accordance with the conventions of the Universal Postal Union as well as customs laws put forth by the Customs Union;
  31. The United States Postal Service (USPS) prohibits the shipment of goods valued at over $2,499. All such packages will be returned to the US Customs Service without compensation for the cost of delivery;
  32. The shipment of goods valued at over 1000 euro is prohibited for Qwintry Economy and Qwintry EMS method from EU warehouse. All such packages can be shipped by Qwintry Air.

If you have ordered any of the goods listed above and sent them to your Qwintry address, please contact us to discuss further options for handling your package. Information about restrictions and prohibited items can be accessed here.