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Get $5 for your friend's first package
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Your friend gets 7% discount for their first package 
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With Qwintry's renewed referral program you receive more bonus points. It's easy — just share a discount for Qwintry delivery and get your reward.

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Use the link

Copy the link from this page and share it on your website or social media. For example, you could write a review on how Qwintry works and post a referral link.

Your readers sign up and get a delivery discount. You get a reward for all their shipments during the year after registration.


Important: You cannot invite yourself or your close relatives  who have the same address as you do. In case of violation of this rule your account will be blocked and all referral rewards deleted.

Benefits of the program

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Number of bonus points is unlimited

The more people sign up for with your link the more rewards you earn.

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Shipping and services for bonus points

Pay up to 100% for delivery and other Qwintry services, including   Shopping Help.

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Withdrawal to PayPal

Withdraw your reward to your PayPal account as soon as you get $100 on your balance.

Start getting rewards today!

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 Terms and conditions

  1. Bonus points are awarded for customers' packages during their first year after registration. Each new client who signed up with a refferral link gets a coupon for 7% shipping discount. This bonus can not be used by anyone else, and it expires in 45 days after registration.
  2. You get $5 for the first sent package of the user who signed up with your invitation  and $1 for each nexr package sent within 12 months since the date of registration.
  3. Referral points can be used by account owner only, they are not transferrable; they can be used for payments for shipping services and for Shopping Help. If referral points exceed amount of $100, the account owner may request a withdrawal to their PayPal account through Qwintry Support team. Minimal withdrawal amount is $100, all fees are paid by PayPal account owner.  
  4. Number of invitations from one participant is unlimited.
  5. These rules do not apply to influencers with whom Qwintry has a commercial relationship.