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In American online stores you can buy anything: from sporting goods and toys to the latest smartphone with a big discount. The problem is, 9 out of 10 US stores don’t have/don't offer international shipping. Qwintry takes care of this!

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Receiving Packages



Qwintry takes your purchases to the warehouse in USA and provides an opportunity to store you parcels for up to 45 days.

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Qwintry will bring together all your purchases without taking a cent for this. You can send goods from several online stores in one package and save on shipping.



No extra charge

5-7% discount with Qwintry Plus

Qwintry has several delivery methods, including our own, Qwintry Air. Depending on the chosen method, the packages are sent by postal channels (USPS) or by private companies. Details on the "Delivery" page.

Calculate the delivery cost

You can cancel package shipment and return it to your account as incoming package. The cost of the service is up to $25, depending on the weight of the item.


Packaging Materials

$3.5 — $10

Qwintry packs your parcels carefully, using firm cardboard boxes and other materials good for international shipments. The cost of packaging depends, first of all, on the size and shape of the goods (non-standard form requires more time for packaging).

Such materials as a duct tape and a waterproof package are free.

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Special Requests

$0 — $15

25% discount with Qwintry Plus

At any time you can check the goods in the warehouse and make sure that the thing you ordered came from the store. To do this, use the special request and select the desired item: to take photo of purchases, to check the sizes or to put additional packing materials. We highly recommend doing to avoid unpleasant surprises at home.

A full list of special requests and their cost can be viewed in your account, in the section of incoming packages. You can see the prices in your account when creating a request.

More details about special requests


Storage of packages

Incoming —
45 days for free

90 days free storage with Qwintry Plus

Then $0.5 per day, the maximum storage time is 100 days.

Outgoing —
7 days for free

Then $2 per day, the maximum storage time is 2 months.

Storage of incoming parcels in the Qwintry warehouse is free for 45 days in USA, after that it is $0.5 per day from the first day of paid storage. The maximum period of storage of the incoming parcel is 100 days. If the parcel has not been claimed during 100 days, Qwintry has the right to dispose of its contents or to use the goods at its discretion.

Free storage of outgoing (fully packed) shipments at the Qwintry warehouse (from the moment of invoicing) is 7 days, and then the cost is $2 per day. The total storage period of the package ready for shipment should not exceed 2 months. If such a package was not in demand, after this time, Qwintry has the right to dispose of its contents or to use the goods at its discretion.



$3 per $100 of cost

33% discount with Qwintry Plus

Simple and reliable Global Green insurance covers the loss of parcels, theft, damage to separate items or the whole package.

The cost of Global Green insurance is $3 per $100 of the cost of the goods.

More about insurance


Shopping Help

10% of the total order cost in the US
7% for orders of more than $1000 (€1000)

Minimum fee is $10 for service in the US

30% discount with Qwintry Plus

Qwintry will place and pay your order, take over all negotiations with the seller and check that the purchase has made it to our warehouse.

To use the service, you can create an order in the section «Shopping Help» in your personal account (it’s more convenient to use the extension for Chrome browser), the operators will process it and calculate the final cost, after which you will be able to place an order.

Learn more about Shopping Help

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Still have questions?

A detailed FAQ is available here. Or you can contact our helpdesk. We will be happy to help you!

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