Get full compensation for damaged or lost products with Global Green Insurance. This insurance will cover 100% of the cost of items in case of damage, loss, or damage in accordance with the insurance terms. This type of insurance is applicable when delivering by DHL.

When you take out Global Green Plus insurance, you also get 100% compensation for the cost if your package is lost or stolen.

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When Qwintry performs delivery services, loss or damage of goods is highly unlikely and extremely rare. However, occasional mistakes are possible: since 2020, the world has been living in the realities of a COVID-19 pandemic. This means that delivery services are working to their limits, and the probability of error is higher than usual. When your purchase is insured with Global Green, Qwintry will compensate 100% of the value of the damaged products in accordance with the data of the customs declaration. The insurance covers errors that occurred for any reason, both in the US, and in the country of destination. Even if the courier accidentally drops the parcel right at your doorstep, Qwintry will compensate for the damage.


How does insurance work?

Global Green

Global Green Plus

Insurance against the loss of individual items from the parcel


Insurance against the loss of the entire parcel


Insurance against damage of items in the parcel


Item value compensation


Delivery cost compensation in case of loss/theft



For example, your purchased items cost $460, the delivery cost is $40.

Global Green Insurance in this case will be calculated: 5 * $3=$15 (we round up $460 to $500).

If you wish to receive a compensation for delivery cost in case the package is lost, you can use Global Green Plus: 1 * $2=$2 (we round up $40 to $100).

$3 for every $100 of the product value
$3 for every $100 of the product value
$2 for every $100 of the delivery cost
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Probability of reimbursement: 100%

The following two conditions must be met: you need to produce the invoices from the stores and an unboxing video of the parcel.

Learn more about Qwintry Insurance rules

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Maximum insured amount: $1500

When sending products by USPS First Class, the maximum insured amount is $400.

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Indemnity period: 7 days

Payment of the sum insured is made within a week from the date of submission of all the required documents.

Important notes

  • Take a video of unpacking

    In order to be able to assess the situation, we need a video of unpacking the parcel starting from the very beginning: sealed original Qwintry box. The entire box should be visible in the frame, and not part of it, so that the entire unpacking process can be seen. The unpacking process should be present in the frame from beginning to end without pauses.

  • Electronic devices are not covered by insurance when they are shipped by USPS Express and Priority

    Please note: Global Green insurance does not cover phones, tablet computers and other electronic devices when they are shipped through USPS. The shipment of Apple products to countries outside the United States is possible exclusively through Qwintry Air. USPS does not offer insurance for these products. Also, insurance for electronic devices (except Apple) is possible when shipped through Qwintry Economy and Qwintry EMS to Russia.

  • Electronics and computer components are covered by insurance only if they are in the original manufacturer’s packaging

    Electronics, household appliances, power tools and computer components belong to fragile goods that are not intended for delivery without manufacturer packaging. As a rule, the factory packaging of such goods takes into account the individual physical features of the item, so you can obtain the required level of protection only if the manufacturer packaging is available.

  • Ebay products policy

    Used and new products purchased on Ebay are covered by Global Green insurance based solely on their outer appearance. Insurance is applied only when the client submits a special request for photographs that verify the physical state of the item before it is shipped from the Qwintry warehouse.

  • Claim for an insurance payout

    In order to submit a claim for an insurance payout, clients must write in Qwintry chat/mail no later than 7 days after delivery. The client must provide a high-quality video of the unpacking process of the received shipment (necessary condition), and confirmation of shipment from the original sender in which the name, price, shipping address, and package tracking number are visible.

  • Claim for payout due to the damage of goods in the parcel

    In order to submit a claim for compensation for the cost of repairs, it is necessary to provide documentation confirming this cost. In any case, the amount of compensation for repairs cannot exceed the cost of the goods in need of repair. If there is any doubt about the reliability of the confirmation of documents, Qwintry may request additional documents or refuse compensation.

  • The insurance does not cover the return of the parcel

    The insurance of Global Green and Global Green Plus is valid only from the moment the parcel is shipped from the Qwintry Warehouse to the moment when the parcel is received by the client or the moment of the start of its return shipping.

    The start of return shipping is understood as the forwarding of the shipment back to the warehouse of Qwintry, LLC for any reason (including but not limited to: refusal to receive, unclaimed shipment by the recipient, the actions of customs).

    Qwintry LLC and Global Green under no circumstances provide a service for the insurance of shipments for the period of their return to the sender and does not recognize the damage that occurred or could have occurred in the process of return of the shipment by an insured event.

  • Insurance does not apply to the packaging of items

    Global Green insurance is intended for insurance of goods, but not for the manufacturer’s packaging. In the process of international delivery, packaging may lose its original appearance, but the purpose of packaging is to keep the goods intact.

  • The maximum amount to insure your items is $1500 (or $400 for USPS First Class)

    Insurance is calculated automatically depending on items cost in your customs declaration. In case the cost exceeds the limit, the insurance will only cover $1500. For USPS First Class insurance will cover $400.

  • The USPS First Class delivery method does not imply parcel insurance. Also, there is no parcel tracking option.

  • Indicate correct information on declaration!

    Please be aware that clients who indicate incorrect or incomplete information on their declaration forms may be denied insurance payouts.