Global Green Insurance — fast and simple

Clients may choose to add Global Green insurance when finalizing their delivery order. Global Green is an insurance provider offering the simplest and most reliable insurance. It covers any item that is shipped using Qwintry services.

Cost of insurance

$3 for each $100 of merchandise value. For extra $2 for each $100 you'll get Global Green Plus

Global Green protects against:

  1. The loss of individual items in the package
  2. The loss of the entire package
  3. The damage of items within the package

Recoverability — 100%

Reimbursement requires certain necessary documents both from the delivery provider (USPS, courier services, and Qwintry Air customer pick-up points) and from the client. Timing of reimbursements: 7 days after all documents have been received.

Insurance Directives Qwintry LLC

Important notes