Qwintry Plus

Shipping discounts, members-only sales, free gifts, and more in the new Qwintry Plus program! Choose the most favorable conditions and enjoy unique benefits!

Join $77 for six months or $109 for a year
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What does the program include?

6 months

1 year

What does the program include?, pic. 1

Shipping discounts What does the program include?, pic. 2 What does the program include?, pic. 3 What does the program include?, pic. 4

Constant wholesale discounts even for the first shipments:

  • 5% shipping discount for USPS Priority, USPS Express and DHL.
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30% discount on «Shopping help» service

We will buy goods for you in foreign online stores. The discount also applies to the express purchase.

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30% insurance discounts

We know that safety 0comes first, and give you a 30% discount for Global Green and Global Green Plus insurance policies.

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25% discount on special requests

Take pictures, measure and check things up – all of this with a 25% discounts on any special requests.

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Free storage: 90 days

Free storage of incoming parcels for 90 days from the moment of their arrival at the warehouse.

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Priority service

Get priority in packing and shipping of your parcels.

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Extra name (alias) for the account

Share all of the benefits of the program with a friend. We will add their name to your account so that they can shop internationally, enjoying all of your privileges. This is free!

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Discounts up to 15% on everything and free delivery

Constant discounts up to 15% for the entire selection at Qwintry.Store, as well as free delivery of two or three orders for any sum of money. It is up to you which orders to ship for free.

2 deliveries
3 deliveries
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Top secret

Special bonuses and holiday discounts for all the members of the program! But this is a secret.


FAQ about the Qwintry Plus program

  • What is Qwintry Plus?

    Qwintry Plus is a program that includes discounts, bonuses, and special offers from Qwintry, giving its users an opportunity to enjoy favorable service conditions from the moment of purchase to the date of membership termination.

  • What are the benefits of Qwintry Plus?

    The Qwintry Plus program guarantees a constant wholesale discount for parcel delivery by Qwintry services, which can be further increased depending on the number of shipments, as well as maximum discounts for Global Green/ Global Green Plus shipment insurance, and discounts for processing special requests.

    Members of the Qwintry Plus not only save up on the Qwintry services but also enjoy priority parcel packaging services, as well as get access to special prices and promotional sales in the Qwintry store – Qwintry.store. Please refer to the Qwintry Plus program plans for more details.

  • How much is the program membership?

    The default price of the program for 1 year is $109, for half a year — $77.

  • How do I join the program?

    To start enjoying the benefits of Qwintry Plus, you need to sign up at qwintry.com, open the Qwintry Plus section in your personal account, select the program period, and click Join. You will be redirected to the payment page. You can pay for Qwintry Plus, just like for other Qwintry services, by credit card or using Apple Pay or Google Pay. More about payment methods.

  • Can I transfer the Qwintry Plus promotional codes to my friends?

    No, the promotional codes (the coupons) are tied to your personal account, and can only be used by the owner of the account.

  • Can I share the benefits of the program with my friends?

    At your request, we can add the name of one friend of yours to your account. In this case, your friend will be able to make purchases in international online stores, paying for them with his bank card, and have them delivered to your Qwintry address. Send joint parcels, enjoying the Qwintry Plus discounts and privileges. In order to add your friend’s name to your account, please contact our help desk.

  • How do I add an extra name to my account?

    To add another name to your Qwintry account, please, contact our Customer Support service through the contact form in your personal account – we only need a first and a last name. We will add this person to your account and your friend or partner will be able to make purchases in online stores by sending them to your Qwintry address. Share the benefits of your Qwintry Plus program with your loved ones and save on delivery!

  • Will the program be prolonged automatically after the paid period is over?

    No, a few days before the program expiry date you will receive a notification of its completion and an offer to renew your membership for a new period. Select the desired term and make a new payment for the Qwintry Plus program.

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Still have questions?

A detailed FAQ is available here. Or you can contact our helpdesk. We will be happy to help you!

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