The Frequently Asked Questions

How to track Qwintry Air parcels?

You can track Qwintry Air parcels on the website

Where to track parcels sent by other services?

You can find our bot in Telegram messenger @qwintryTrackerBot. It will help you to receive quick updates on the status of your package. You can also find the tracking links on the sent parcels page.

Why is the tracking of the sent parcel does not get updated?

The tracking gets updated when the parcel gets scanned during transportation process. Airlines, logistics and courier services have a certain work schedule and a line for all the cargo. Sometimes the batch is getting scanned not at the moment of physical arrival to the next transport hub, but after some time, which depends on its workload. Therefore, if your tracking is not updated for a while, it means that the package is in transit or has arrived to the next transport node and is waiting for its turn.

The package has the status Electronic Shipping Info Received. What does it mean?

This status means that the parcel information has been sent to the delivery service. Physically, such parcels are taken from Qwintry’s warehouse right after such status appears, and you will see the next status when the parcel is registered at the first sorting hub of courier or postal service.

The information on USPS website does not get updated for a long time, what should I do?

The USPS database is not always getting updated on time. If the information on the tracking number is not updated for more than seven days, please contact Qwintry’s customer service at

What are the deadlines for starting a search for the parcel in USPS?

If within 30 days after sending the parcel it does not gets delivered to the territory of your country, contact Qwintry’s customer service at We will contact the USPS and will start the search for international delivery. You can also file a search request yourself.