The Frequently Asked Questions

What is better for me to choose - delivery from the US or Germany?

We advise you to choose the delivery from Germany if the online store you are shopping at is located on the territory of the European Union. If you are shopping in US online stores, choose the delivery from the US.

Where is my personal address stored?

You receive the shipping address when you register on Qwintry’s website. You can find it in your Personal Account.

What do all the numbers and words in the address mean?

1620 Johnson Way - street;

Qwintry Suite ### - "apartment" (your ID and your warehouse unit number are encrypted here);

New Castle - city;

DE – Delaware-state;

19720 is the index or zip code;

Phone 858-633-6353 - phone (Area code - the first three digits).

What is the Billing address and the Shipping address?

The billing address is the address you used when signed a contract with the bank when you were getting your payment card. Usually this is your actual residence or registration address. The billing address must be specified when placing an order in the online store in the corresponding section.

The shipping address is the address in the USA that you received when you registered at Qwintry’s website, this is the address for the delivery of your purchases.

Online store has changed the zip-code provided by Qwintry, why?

More often than not, stores add four more digits to Qwintry’s Index. The reason is the different systems of postal codes. Such changes will not affect the delivery time speed and accuracy in any way.