The Frequently Asked Questions

Can you purchase an item from an auction on eBay?

Qwintry does not participate in auctions, buy out is only possible for an item with a fixed price. Another condition is the item does not fall under shipment restrictions andis not on the list of prohibited goods. If the item you wish to purchase or the seller/store you have chosen has a low rating, our service operator has the right to refuse to process the order due to high probability of fraud, or low quality of the goods. Service operator can offer you an alternative seller or store to what you have chosen, where you can find similar items.

I want to buy an item from official Apple website, can I use the Shopping Help service?

You can use the Shopping Help to purchase items from Apple Store that are not part of the latest product lineup (eg. AirPods 2, iMac, iMac Pro, Apple Watch Series 5, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, iPhone 11 Max Pro, MacBook new, iPad new, Home Pod).There are certain exceptions for such gadgets as iPod, iPad (old version), Beats by Dr.Dre, and latest headphones. For smartphones and laptops there is a limit of one item per order. As for headphones, smartphone cases, iPod and iPad, it is possible to have one main device and an additional accessory for it in one order.

What are conditions for purchasing a video card?

Orders on video cards’ are processed on first-come first-served basis in a general queue. There is a restriction on quantity: no more than 2 units per client and no more than 1 video card per order. An exception may be cards that are not in high demand on Amazon (both European and American trading platforms). Payment for the order is possible only by a credit card belonging to the person registered on Qwintry’s website.

What are the terms on promotions to use the Shopping Help service for free?

Promotions for a free Shopping Help service can be used at the stores that send parcels directly to our warehouses, as well as the ones that only ship to a personal address. It’s almost impossible to purchase goods in the latter on your own. The Shopping Help service fee in both cases is zero. But for a private address delivery option, the usual delivery charge of 10 dollars for shipping to Qwintry warehouse is applied.