The Frequently Asked Questions

How long can the parcel stay at the courier?

The courier will try to deliver the parcel three times. If the courier called recipient’s specified number but did not get the answer, the delivery is postponed to the next business day. The day off for couriers in Moscow and St. Petersburg - Sunday, in the regions courier delivery runs from Monday to Friday.

I did not have time to pick up the parcel from the courier. What should I do?

All parcels that were not picked up by the recipients are returned to the temporary storage warehouse in Moscow. When the parcel arrives to the warehouse, Qwintry’s help desk is being notified, and our specialists contact the sender.

The cost of re-delivery by courier is 400 rubles. Additional payment is made upon receipt of the order. For a number of distant from Moscow regions, the cost of re-delivery is calculated individually, based on the rates of courier service.

The courier brought the parcel, but does not want to wait until I check its contents. What should I do?

The courier does not know what is in your parcel, and should not be present during unpacking. If the package is not damaged, it is being transferred to the recipient.

We always advise you to videotape the unpacking process so that in case of loss or damage of any items, it will be faster to receive insurance payments.