The Frequently Asked Questions

How to return the goods to the store?

In order to process a return or contact the store with any queries regarding the order, you need to leave a comment for one of our operators or write to our support team on Qwintry’s website to get clarification. We highly recommend that you do not contact the store yourself for information on a specific order, as the store may consider this as an attempt of fraud, since all the details of your personal account are available only to the operator who processes your order. Communicating with the third-party stores directly may lead to your Qwintry account being blocked from using Shopping Help service and might create further issues with processing purchases in that third-party store.

What is the time frame I need to follow to return goods?

For the items that were incorrect or defective, usually up to 30 days. You must contact Qwintry no later than 14 days from receiving the order so that we can return the goods or receive a refund for the defective goods.