The Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need insurance?

Insurance covers the loss, theft or damage of things. The cost of insurance is $3 for every $100 of investment value. If the items in the parcel have not been insured and they got damaged or stolen, compensation would not be paid.

My insured items are damaged / missing from the parcel. What should I do?

In this case you can send an email to within 7 days after receiving the parcel. Please note that when sending a request, you must provide a good quality video recording of the unpacking process, a detailed description and photos of the damaged items, as well as an invoice and a shipment confirmation from the store with item’s name, cost, shipping address and tracking number.

We always advise you to use our special requests service before sending the parcel to make sure that the item has arrived to Qwintry’s warehouse in good condition.
More information about insurance can be found here.

How does Global Green works, and what do I need to get the reimbursement?

The final decision on the money reimbursement is made after figuring out all the circumstances, so it is very important to document the fact of the occurrence of the insured event (damage to things during the delivery from the Qwintry’s warehouse, the loss of certain things from the parcel or the loss of the entire parcel). More information about insurance can be found here.

My items were stolen but I lowered their price in the declaration. Will I get insurance reimbursement for the full cost of things?

In this situation, the insurance payment can be denied. We strongly advise against providing false information in the declaration.