The Frequently Asked Questions

How to retrieve money from your Qwintry balance back to your bank card?

For a refund from your Qwintry balance to the bank card please create a request for Support. Please not that you can only retrieve funds to the bank card, from which your Qwintry balance was credited, since arbitrary transfers to bank cards are prohibited in the USA. For the same reason, the total amount of refunds to a specific bank card cannot exceed the amount of actual payments made from this card to Qwintry.

We do a refund within two business days from the date of us receiving the refund request, provided there are no active orders for the Shopping Help service or parcels prepared for shipment; however the actual refund term depends on the specific payment system and the card issuing bank, which is on average from five to twenty business days.

Official information on the terms and conditions for funds recovery from the Qwintry balance.

What will happen if I used a fictitious name during registration?

When registering, you have to provide your name as it is written on your bank card. Specifying a fictitious name is against our Terms of Service, in this case your account may be blocked.

How to change the information on my Personal account.

In order to change the name or e-mail, you need to contact Qwintry’s customer service at

How many accounts can I have on Qwintry’s website?

You can only have one account on our Website. This helps to avoid confusion with orders and delivered parcels.

I lost access to my account. What should I do?

If you lost access to your account, you need to contact Qwintry’s customer service at

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, Qwintry has a mobile application which can help you to track your packages, create special requests, and fill out customs declarations.

Download the application for iOS using this link.

Download the Android app here.

I want to leave a review. Where can I do this?

You can send your feedback about Qwintry’s service to or leave it on social networks,, and on the company’s official accounts.

I looked through your entire site, but I did not find an answer to my question. What should I do?

In this case you need to contact us at We advise you to write to us from the email address you used to register on our website. In your letter please provide us with your identification number, as well as the parcel number, if the question relates to a particular item.

In addition, you can contact our support, which is open every day from 6 a.m. till midnight.

I wrote a letter to Qwintry’s support a few hours ago, but did not get the answer. What should I do?

We respond to emails according to the general order within 1-2 working days, depending on the number of calls. During our busy season (seasonal and holiday sales), the response time to client letters slightly increases. We do not recommend duplicating letters on the same topic: they shift to the end of the line, and also slow down the support service.

Does Qwintry work during the pandemic?

Absolutely! Our warehouses in Europe and the USA work without any changes in their schedules, and, in spite of the fact that the number of flights has been drastically curtailed, we are monitoring the situation and make decisions in real time, informing our customers about delays that are inevitable at the moment.

Please find more details about the current situation on this page.

Is it possible to send a package from a private individual, not a store?

Yes, you can send a package to our warehouse from a private person. The rules and the shipping process are similar to the goods purchased from online stores. You need to register on the website, get a personal address, and send your items to it. When the package arrives at the Qwintry warehouse, it will appear in your personal account. Then you can arrange delivery to the desired address. Be sure to indicate the actual value of new items in the customs declaration. For personal belongings, estimate their value, similar to when making a purchase on eBay.

Before sending, don't forget to check the List of Prohibited Items.