The Frequently Asked Questions

Why I might need Shopping Help service?

The Shopping Help service is an excellent solution for those who want to experience easy shopping and getting a good bargain. Service operators not only buy products from the links you provide, but also assess the risks of buying in a particular store and the seller’s reliability. They know where to find the product if it’s out of stock on one of the sites, help resolve disputes through the store support, partly fill out customs declarations for parcels and will always promptly answer your querires. In addition, Shopping Help service is ready to offer a solution for situations when the store does not accept cards issued outside the United States and does not send goods to the warehouse address. You will find more detailed information about the service here.

How fast will my order be processed?

Shopping Help service processes orders on a first-in first-served basis. It usually takes 1 to 2 business days. Pre-holidays and during periods of major sales it might take a little longer. Another reason for taking longer than usual is if there are some technical problems on the third-party online platforms. If there is any kind of delay, the operator will notify you by sending a message and explaining the situation (if it is a problem with the website, the store’s system is overloaded, checkout completion is incorrect, a long queue etc.).

How much does it cost?

For the orders from American stores, the cost of the service is 10% of the total cost of goods, but no less than 13 dollars.

For the orders from European stores, the cost of the service is 10%, but no less than 13 euros.

For the orders from the UK stores, the cost of the service is 10%, but no less than 13 pounds.

For purchases over $1000 or €1000, the flat rate is 7%.

What items can I buy?

With our Shopping Help service you can purchase goods in a variety of online stores. Only few things you need to be conscious of: the weight (total weight can’t exceed 40 pounds), the size of a parcel for each of the shipment options and a list of prohibited goods.

Service operators will help you place your order even in those stores that do not deal with mail-forwarders, use discount coupons and find the cheapest option for the items you chose.