The Frequently Asked Questions

What is an invoice?

Invoice is a virtual document containing a list of goods and services, their quantity and price, terms of delivery, information about the sender and recipient of the goods.

You may need the invoices from stores for customs - for example, in cases when the goods were purchased with a significant discount and it should be reflected in the declaration (only if you are using Qwintry Air delivery service).
Qwintry’s invoice is created after your parcel gets ready for the shipment, and contains a list of services and their cost.

How to pay for the Qwintry’s delivery and other services?

The payment is made through your personal account on Qwintry’s website. Make sure to refill your balance. You can pay for Qwintry's services either in advance or after receiving a bill for the collected parcel. You can refill your balance the following ways:

Visa and MasterCard cards issued by any bank in your country that can be used for making payments on the Internet. The payment is credited instantly. The payment system commission is 2.9% + 30 cents.

Checks Mr.Rebates and – this type of payments will help you to get back up to 20% from the item’s cost. When registering with Mr.Rebates and, Qwintry will provide you with the following bonuses:
• Free checks cashing when paying for Qwintry’s services;
• 5 dollars deposit to your account from Mr.Rebates.

Be aware that checks from Ebates come without information about the payer, therefore to receive bonus deposits to your personal account, we ask you to email the exact amounts of your checks to the

Is it possible to make payments with webmoney, PayPal, bitcoins or any other virtual currency?

No, Qwintry does not work with electronic payment systems and virtual currencies.

Qwintry rejects my payment, what should I do?

Make sure that you are using your card to make a payment, and the information specified on your Qwintry’s personal account is matching the information of the cardholder. If this part is correct, check with your bank about blocks or bans. In addition, to quickly resolve the issue, you can contact Qwintry’s customer service support chat or write an email to

How to fill out the delivery address

• For Qwintry Air

To send parcels to Russia using Qwintry Air service, the address has to be filled with Cyrillic.

• For USPS Express or Priority

If you send a package using the USPS Express or USPS Priority service, the address should be filled in Latin by the rules of postal transliteration. For example, the correct spelling of the city of Moscow will be Moskva, not Moscow, ul. Pushkina, not Pushkin street.

Why do you need my passport details?

If you use the Qwintry Air delivery method, you need to attach copies or photos of the first page of the passport, as well as the pages with information about registration at the place of residence. These requirements are set by the customs authorities for the parcels sent by the express delivery services. All submitted information is strictly confidential and is used only for the above purposes.

Can I attach a photo of my passport instead of the copy?

Yes, you can, the main requirement for the photos is to clearly show all the necessary data; and please make sure there are no glares or blurriness.

What other information may be needed?

Sometimes Qwintry may request additional information. For example, if you are using someone else's bank card or if the customs services requested it.

Can I send packages to several different addresses?

Yes, you can send parcels from your account to friends and family addresses. To do this, specify the required delivery address and recipient information during the shipping process.