The Frequently Asked Questions

What is going to be cheaper: to separately order a small and light products or to combine several purchases into one package?

We recommend sending packages with a number of items - then the cost per kilogram will be much cheaper than the cost of sending small and light goods separately.

This does not apply to light and expensive electronic devices (for example, smartphones) - their delivery will cost less without combining the items in the parcel.

How long do the goods can stay at the warehouse?

Free of charge storage of goods at the warehouse is 45 days. After this period ends, the payment for storage of each incoming parcel is calculated in the equivalent of $ 0.5 per day (rounding off on whole days).
The total storage period of parcels should not exceed 100 calendar days. If the parcel was not claimed by the client after this period, Qwintry reserves the right to dispose the contents of the parcel or use it at their discretion.

My parcels cannot be consolidated due to weight restrictions, what should I do?

The maximum consolidated weight cannot exceed 40 pounds (18 kg). If you had a lot of things and you marked the field "Remove excess packaging", the total package weight may decrease. If you have one or two parcels left and you do not plan to send them in the nearest future, we suggest writing a letter to with the request to add things to the consolidated parcel. If this is possible, Qwintry’s employees will fulfill your request.

I want all packaging to be removed to reduce the weight. What comment should I leave for the packers?

When we prepare your parcels for delivery, we by default remove all the original packaging and promo materials. If you do want the original packaging to be preserved, please tick the appropriate box when placing the order.

If shoes or clothes in the parcel were contained in extra packaging, you can also choose the option “Remove clothes boxes and shoe boxes”. Please note that we do not remove original packaging from fragile items, gadgets, consumer electronics, and plastic toys.

My package weight increased after consolidation, why?

Often goods from US stores come to Qwintry's warehouse in simple plastic bags or thin boxes not intended for international shipment. Before shipping, we repack the parcels and use strong cardboard boxes and protective materials that can slightly increase the weight.

Why do I have to pay for packaging materials?

Qwintry uses several kinds of boxes and fillers, as high-quality packaging provides reliability for international delivery. The cost of packaging depends first of all on the size and shape of the items (non-standard form requires more time and material for packaging). At the same time, we provide free of charge a reinforced adhesive tape, resistant to opening.

If your package exceeds 15 pounds and the customs declaration requires more than two lines, we will put all the items in a sturdy plastic bag before placing it in a shipping box.

Can I ask to remove the items from the package after the parcel has been prepared for shipment?

If the package was prepared for shipment or is currently in the process of packaging, and you need to change its contents, you have to request a cancellation. After that, all the items will return to your account in the form of a new incoming package, and you will be able to create a new delivery with other things or make a special request for separation. Please note that the cancellation service after we start the packaging process is chargeable.