The Frequently Asked Questions

How and where will I receive the parcel?

The place of the parcel’s delivery depends on the chosen delivery method. You can arrange delivery by courier to the apartment / office door, and also pick up the parcel yourself at one of the Qwintry Air self-delivery points or at the nearest post office if you chose USPS or Ecopost method.

How to choose the delivery method?

At the moment, Qwintry offers 4 delivery methods: Qwintry Air, Qwintry Ecopost, USPS Priority, USPS Express.
Qwintry Air is Qwintry’s team development. Delivery cost calculation is based on the physical parcel weight for the parcels up to 150 cm (the sum of three sides). The parcels fly from the US to Moscow, where they go through customs, and after that they get delivered to the recipients. Approximate delivery time for Russia is 8-14 days.
Qwintry Ecopost - economical and reliable delivery of parcels from the US by Russian postal service. The cost of delivery is calculated based on the physical weight. Qwintry Ecopost only delivers on the territory of Russia. Approximate delivery time to Russia is 18-30 days.
USPS Priority is a delivery by the federal post office of your country. Parcels get delivered to the post office, where they have to be picked up by the recipient. Approximate delivery time to Russia is about 20 days.
USPS Express is the delivery by your country's EMS. Parcels are delivered by courier. Approximate delivery time to Russia is about 15 days.
Choose the most convenient for you delivery method using our calculator.

How can I expedite parcel’s shipment?

In order for your parcels to be sent right away, we advise you to refund your account balance in advance. If your account has enough funds for payment, we will ship your parcel immediately after packing. If you do not have enough funds on your account, we will send you a bill, and the parcel will stay in the storage area until the bill is paid.

How many times a week parcels are being send out?

Qwintry sends parcels from their warehouse in Delaware every business day, which is five times a week. The exception is the parcels delivered by the Qwintry Ecopost, they are sent in batches 1-2 times a week.

For each work stage we give up to 48 hours.