USPS Delivery Times in 2024

In this guide, we'll tell you about USPS international and domestic shipping times in 2024. We’ll cover in detail all the USPS delivery times available per different services and other essential information.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been delivering for nearly 250 years and currently delivers approximately 700 million pieces of mail daily. And It processes and delivers 44% of the world’s mail.

USPS offers reliable and affordable international and domestic shipping to both individuals and eCommerce businesses. For the former, it is important to know the delivery timeframes for different services to choose the best option in terms of price and speed of delivery to meet their needs. For the latter, it is important to understand when the package will be delivered to ensure their customers get the best shopping experience.

Domestic USPS Delivery Times Per Service

USPS delivers to over 31,000 locations across the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. That makes sending and dropping-off your packages much easier. Especially considering different shipping options where you can choose from low-cost First-Class Package Service or get  the fastest overnight delivery with the Priority Mail Express. This handy table below provides the most popular domestic USPS Delivery Times.

Mail Class Estimated Delivery Time Estimated Cost
Priority Mail Express Overnight delivery $26.35
Priority Mail 1 – 3 business days $7.50
Priority Mail Flat Rate 1 – 3 business days $8.30
Priority Mail Regional Rate 1 – 3 business days $9.98
First-Class Package Service 1 – 3 business days $3.80
Parcel Select 2 – 8 business days N/A
USPS Retail Ground 2 – 8 business days $7.50
First-Class Mail – Letters 1 – 3 business days $0.55
First-Class Mail – Large Envelopes 1 – 3 business days $1.00


International USPS Delivery Times Per Service

USPS offers different options for international shipping, and the delivery times vary depending on the cost and destination. For last-mile delivery, USPS uses local postal services, and which significantly affects delivery time as well. You can choose the fastest Global Express Guaranteed, or well-known cost-effective and reliable Priority Mail International. 

Mail Class Estimated Delivery Time Estimated Cost
Global Express Guaranteed 1 – 3 business days $67.80
Priority Mail Express International 3 – 5 business days $5.95
Priority Mail International 6 – 10 business days $36.35
First Class Package International Service 6 – 20 business days $20.75
First Class Mail International – Letters 6 – 20 days $1.20


All You Need to Know About USPS Delivery Times

Whether it's to accurately calculate the estimated delivery time of your product and notify the customer, or to make sure that a gift sent to a relative for the holiday arrives on time, you need to clearly understand some of the factors that affect the delivery times.

Make sure to consider this point about USPS delivery times:

  • Choose the right USPS shipping option: USPS delivery times vary greatly depending on the shipping option you choose. For example, when sending international shipments using Global Express Guaranteed, delivery is within one business day, while First Class Package International Service delivery time takes up to 20 days. USPS Express domestic shipments offer  overnight  delivery, sometimes even on Saturday, while USPS Retail Ground can take up to 8 days.
  • Take advantage of Qwintry shipping rates before selecting a delivery method. Calculate the estimated USPS delivery times and choose the option that works best for you. Save up to 7% on shipping services with the Qwintry Plus program.
  • USPS has  Saturday delivery, but they don’t deliver on Sundays and Holidays: That means that Holidays are not included in the calculated transit times. On the other hand, Saturday delivery gives your 52 additional days to ship per year. 
  • USPS offers special delivery services for urgent shipments: You can use this option if you need to ship your package within a specific timeframe.
  •  USPS delivery times to military destinations may vary depending on the operational conditions of the area. Mass events, such as voting, outside of military areas can also affect delivery times. 

Does USPS Give Delivery Estimates?

USPS shipping times can vary based on factors such as distance between locations, chosen mail class, recognized USPS holidays, and transport challenges.

But you can first of all calculate the approximate delivery time based on the specified time of the selected method. For example, a package sent by Priority Mail for domestic shipments will be delivered within 1-3 days, while USPS Retail Ground will take 2 to 8 business days. This makes it a reliable and affordable option to deliver non-urgent large oversized packages, or you can use Priority Mail Flat Rate for smaller box-sized packages.

Additionally, you should consider that some lower-cost services, like USPS First-Class, do not provide tracking. 

How Qwintry Can Help

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✔️ How Long Does a USPS Package Usually Take?

USPS transit time can vary depending on the shipping method chosen, but in general it is 1-3 days for domestic shipments and about 7 days for international shipments. Unless, of course, we are talking about express options. Otherwise, the delivery time mainly depends on the distance your parcel has to travel.

✔️ When Does USPS Deliver Packages?

What is the USPS latest delivery time? USPS delivery time varies depending on the volume of the packages, the delivery route and other factors, but in general, USPS delivery hours are the same. They usually deliver packages and mail by 5pm. However, there are nuances associated with the USPS shipping method chosen. For instance,Priority Mail Express typically delivers by 10:30 am, domestic express mail by 12 pm, and international mail by 3 pm.

✔️ Can I Schedule my USPS Delivery?

You can reschedule your USPS delivery times on the company's website. To schedule USPS delivery to a specific date, you need to enter your current address, the shipment number shown on the delivery notice, the date of the estimated delivery, and your preferred future delivery date. You can also schedule USPS Redelivery if you missed the delivery time with no fees.

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