The purpose and different types of packaging

The main function of any packaging, regardless of its type, is to protects the goods from damage. However, in some cases it is still better to learn about the types of packaging and how we work based on it. In the article below, we will talk about how Qwintry repacks the parcels we receive and why some particular packaging materials are needed in certain situations.

Types of packaging

Postal packaging (other terms used: Shipping box, Shipping packaging) is a simple cardboard box or plastic bag which seller uses for shipping your purchased items to us by mail.

Types of packaging, pic. 1

Factory packaging or Manufacturer packaging — packaging provided by the manufacturer at the factory. The goods are prepacked before they arrive to a retailer.

Types of packaging, pic. 2

If you buy a refurbished or used product, it may come to our warehouse in the packaging from the seller that reconditioned it. Usually it is a hard box without additional markings, sometimes with a store logo, and sometimes without it. Inside, usually, there are goods packed neatly, but not in the way the manufacturer would have done.

Important: when buying refurbished or used goods, we highly recommend checking their compliance with the description through special requests. If something is wrong with the item, you can quickly and without unnecessary worry return it to the seller.

Types of packaging, pic. 3

Gift packaging is a free or paid option offered by many stores, whereby your item is packed in special gift paper so that after receiving the item you can immediately remove it from the parcel box and gift it.

Important: we open and remove gift and postal packaging in the process of repacking, so you should avoid ordering it and paying extra for it. Unfortunately it is impossible to verify what the item is without removing the gift wrap.

Types of packaging, pic. 4

Shoe box — a cardboard box which a manufacturer uses to pack shoes in. By design, it differs from a simple postal box. It is usually thicker and contains additional protective material (most often it is paper), and also has a lid.

Important: It’s a part of our policy to leave shoe boxes when we repack your parcel. However, there is a special free option you can choose for Qwintry shipping that is called «Remove shoe boxes». The reality is that shoe boxes are heavier than it might seem. It usually weighs between 250 and 500 grams. And if you do not really need it, why pay for sending it? Please, bear in mind, that if your bought let’s say expensive shoes which crease easily, it is worth spend a few extra dollars for keeping your shoes safe.

After removing the boxes, we will pack the shoes in two separate bags and carefully repackage them for the delivery.

The shipping box serves as both postal and factory packaging, but it’s rarely used. It’s typically a sturdy and inconspicuous box. A seller sticks a postal label on it and sends the items directly in it. During repackaging, we open the shipping box to inspect the product, but do not remove the box itself. However, if the shipping box does not provide useful functions or\and does not provide additional protection and only takes up space, it can be removed. The decision is made by a packer. If you’d like the shipping box to be retained or removed, please let us know about your preferences in the comments when creating the Outgoing.

Types of packaging, pic. 5

What type of packaging we always remove, and what type we do not open unless you request it.

Let’s look at the new Apple Watch as an example. At the factory, the manufacturer packed them in a factory box.

What type of packaging we always remove, and what type we do not open unless you request it., pic. 1

Before the shipment, the store put this factory box in a postal box, pasted on it a label with the address of our warehouse and sent it.

What type of packaging we always remove, and what type we do not open unless you request it., pic. 2

When you want to get the Apple Watch from our warehouse delivered, the original box will be passed on for repackaging. We will open the postal box and remove the watch from it in the factory packaging. The original postal box will be sent for recycling, and we will repack the watch still in the factory packaging in our box, stick a label with your address on it and send it to you.

This is what we do for all the packages, not just electronics. Without an exception we always open the postal packaging to ensure there are no prohibited items in the original package.

We don’t open the manufacturer packaging without your permission. We will not dispose of the manufacturer packaging of the watch even with the permission of the user. Without it, the chance of a product being damaged increases, so we have a simple rule — all electronics are to stay packaged in the manufacturers original packaging.

Can the factory packaging be removed?

If you want to make the parcel as light as possible, you can ask to remove the factory packaging in the comments to the dispatch. However, we do not recommend doing this without much need, because the manufacturer packaging protects the product from damage and keeps it securely inside. Without it, the goods are much more likely to come to harm in the shipping process. In addition, a number of goods will not be insured without manufacturer packaging. Therefore, if something was to happen along the way to a laptop, you would not be able to get insurance for this.

If you want to make the parcel as light as possible, you can ask to remove the factory packaging in the comments to the dispatch. However, we do not recommend doing this without much need, because the manufacturer packaging protects the product from damage and keeps it securely inside. Without it, the goods are much more likely to come to harm in the shipping process. In addition, a number of goods will not be insured without manufacturer packaging. Therefore, if something was to happen along the way to a laptop, you would not be able to get insurance for this.

If you still want to remove the postal packaging, it is best to make a special request to remove the original packaging and to repack it as fragile goods.

Can the factory packaging be removed?, pic. 1

First of all, sometimes the removal of the manufacturer packaging is a rather lengthy process which the packers simply do not have time for, and secondly, these types of goods have almost no chance stay undamaged if they are sent without factory packaging.

Can I keep the postal box?

Just as some customers are tirelessly trying to make the parcel as light as possible, others want to get their US purchase in its original form, so sometimes we see requests not to remove the postal packaging.

If you leave such a request in the comments for shipping, we will still open the postal packaging to make sure that there are no prohibited items inside, but after that the box won’t be removed and send for recycling. We will carefully put the item(s) back into the shipping box, seal it with tape at the place of opening, put it into our box and send it to you.

Collectible value of the packaging

As we mentioned earlier, it is a part of our policy to remove the postal packaging, but leave the manufacturer packaging. However, all packages are different. This is especially true for any used goods. Quite often, sellers send used items without factory packaging. It also happens that several products are put into the same factory packaging at once. For example, a console and games for it. Another possibility that the factory box comes in poor condition: it is shapeless and breaking into pieces. We remove such packaging and repack the items carefully. If you need to get the factory packaging at any cost, please leave a note about this in the comments. And even if the packaging is already unusable, we will include it in the package anyway.

Despite what might seem fairly simple rules, sometimes our packers are faced with non-trivial situations when they have to make decisions based on circumstances. And if there was no clear instruction for repackaging, bad packaging can be thrown away.

Why do not you send the parcels in the same shipping boxes in which they arrive at your warehouse?

There are several reasons for this. The main one being that the standard boxes that sellers use for domestic shipping are too flimsy to survive the trip to the other side of the world. They will be loaded, unloaded and transported by different carriers multiple times. International shipping requires thicker and more reliable boxes. We use such types .

In addition, stores quite often do not try to choose a box that is suitable for the size of the items. It happens at times that the right box size is not available, and the store simply packs smaller things in larger boxes. Needless to say, having already travelled a hundred or two kilometres to the warehouse, the goods may get damaged, and obviously it is unsafe to keep it that way if the goods still have to travel several more thousand kilometres to get from our warehouse to you.

However, if you want to take it up on yourself, we can send the items in the same shipping box which they came to our warehouse. Although, you need to remember that in this case the items can’t be insured and price for packaging will not decrease. Therefore, leave such requests in the comments, only if you have a really good reason for it. In this case, we will strengthen the parcel with reinforced tape and send it like that.

Without additional requests we usually ship without repackaging (using the box in which the goods arrived to our warehouse) only larger items that were well-packed. Prams is a good example. It makes no sense to repack the goods if the seller initially carefully secured the items before sending.

What our standard packaging consists of

  1. A box chosen to suit the size of your goods (or postal packaging).
  2. A sealed bag which we pack your items in before putting them in a box.
  3. Airbags are special bags filled with air that are put in the free space in the box, protecting things from damage.
  4. Bubble wrap (additional paid option) — a film with air bubbles that protects goods from shock.
  5. Security tape (additional paid option) — a tape that we use to secure the joints of the box so that it cannot be discreetly opened without damaging this tape. If the tape was torn, the words «Void Open» would appear on it, which makes it possible to know that the parcel was opened on the way from the warehouse to you.

Also, for some types of goods they can be packed in a postal bag. You can find out what it is below.

Why does the package weight change after repackaging, how do I know the final weight of the shipment?

After repackaging, the weight of the package always changes. We remove the postal packaging in which the parcel came to our warehouse, and then repack the goods using our boxes, suitable for international delivery. And only when we are ready to send the package, we weigh it and based on this weight we issue an invoice.

The weight of the parcel can either increase or decrease. It all depends on how much packaging we remove while repackaging your items.

If it is only one item, for example, a smartphone, it is more likely that the weight of your shipment will increase compared to the weight of the parcel that arrived at our warehouse. We will remove original postal packaging and replace it with another one that is thicker, and, as a result, heavier.

Important: if the seller’s box was heavy, and there was nothing extra inside, the weight will not increase by much, but could decrease after repackaging.

If we are talking about a combined shipment consisting of several separate parcels, it is more likely that the total weight will decrease when repackaging. It happens because we will remove a lot of postal packaging in which the goods arrived at our warehouse, and then we put them into just one our box.

Important: nevertheless, if parcels came to our warehouse in packages that weigh almost nothing, and we repacked them to be put in a box, even the weight of a large combined shipment can increase.

As you can see, before finishing the repackaging, we can only assume if its weight will increase or decrease. It is impossible to know for sure. We will do our best to pack your goods in the best and safest way and not to use more packaging materials than is necessary. The final weight will be known only when we complete repackaging and it is ready for shipping. Sometimes against all the expectations a small package may become lighter, but a large one, on the contrary, can sometimes become heavier.

Do you purposely increase the weight of the parcels?

On the contrary, we try to reduce it as efficiently as possible. By doing that we can be sure that the quality of the packaging does not suffer, because our main priority has always been ensuring safe and successful delivery.

If you think that the weight of the shipment has unjustifiably increased after repackaging, we recommend that when you receive the parcel, make a video of unpacking it from the very beginning. And before you open the package, weigh it in order to record the weight on the video.

Of course, the human factor cannot be completely taken out of the account. Sometimes a parcel may be weighed incorrectly before being sent or packaged incorrectly. Therefore, it is very important that the whole process of unpacking is recorded. Then you can send the video to us through the «Support» section, and if we didn’t set the invoice correctly or we packaged the items incorrectly, we will refund the difference.

However, most often, newbies simply underestimate the weight of postal packaging, not knowing that a small-looking box can weigh several hundred grams.

As for purposely increasing the weight of the parcels, this is not how we work. We do not deceive our customers.

Is it possible to send a parcel in a postal bag?

By default, we pack parcels in boxes, but sometimes we can also use a postal bag made of dense polyethylene, if the goods are suitable for shipment in such packaging, it doesn’t exceed the permissible dimensions and weight, and if the parcel is sent using the Qwintry Air and Qwintry Flash method.

Usually we use postal bags to pack individual items of clothing, such as jeans and similar unpretentious goods.

Often customers asked us to use such packaging for other products. If such a request comes from the client, we are ready to satisfy it. At the same time, please note, that in this case, insurance against damage to the shipment is not valid. Therefore, it is better to trust the our professional packers, who know from their own experience what can be packaged in a postal bag and what is better to be sent in a box.

However, it is important to remember that we will not send electronics, cosmetics and leather things in the postal bag, even if you request it, as it is extremely unsafe.

Items requiring special attention: jackets, bags, etc.

There are a number of products that require special attention when packaging. In particular, all jackets and bags. For jackets and similar items we always take out coat hangers and additional hard shoulder pads out, as they can tear the fabric during shipment. At the same time, we pack our jackets, like the rest of the clothes, as compact as possible. If it is important for you that the jacket comes as unwrinkled as possible without creases, this would require a larger box. As a result the cost for shipping will increase. Therefore, if you have any requests for packaging your jacket, do not forget to mention them in the comments.

Bags usually come from the store, filled with paper, so that during shipping they do not lose shape and do not wrinkle. We do not remove paper from bags without your request. If you want us to remove the filler, please do not forget to leave a comment asking for it.

Please note, that insurance does not apply to bag creases if the user himself asked to remove the filler, as well as damage to the jacket fabric from broken shoulders or hangers, if the user asked to leave them in.

Fragile goods

We do not recommend shipping fragile goods. This is a 13th item on our list of prohibited goods. Any fragile items , such as dishes, porcelain figurines, and medical devices require special packaging, and they are basically not intended to be sent in generic postal boxes. Therefore, we do not recommend ordering them. Quite often, such goods come in damaged.

However, if you are determined to order something fragile, you can do it at your own risk. Insurance for damage to fragile goods and related damage to other goods inside the parcel (if, for example, a fragment of a plate cuts a jacket) does not apply. For such parcels, we highly recommend that you at least choose additional packaging at checkout. It is better to make a special request for pre-packaging. If you leave a special request, we will pack the goods as carefully as possible and secure them in a separate box. The weight of the package will increase, but along with the weight, security will increase as well.

A little common sense goes long way to help make the shipping more secure: if you still decide to send fragile items, you should not send along with it in one package solid and heavy objects. It is impossible to secure the goods inside completely. Such a package will almost definitely arrive with some damage.

Requests for packaging

When requesting a new shipment, you have the opportunity to leave some notes to the packer on how exactly should your package be repackaged. For example, you want us to additionally wrap the smartphone with bubble wrap, or that we leave the postal package for one of your parcels. You can mention all this in comments to the packer. You can write in both Russian and good English. If your English is not too good, it is better, to leave a comment in Russian. We will translate your request and make sure the packer understands what exactly you want from them. We do not recommend using online translators, the text might come out as complete nonsense, so the packer simply might not be able to make out what you need and ignore it.

In addition, it is important to understand that packers can fulfil only some of the requests associated with packaging, so the comments for packers should be written correctly:

Wrong comment for packer:
Please use additional packaging on products from packages # 99999 and # 88888.

The correct comment for the packer:
Please use additional bubble wrap for Invicta Watch Box and Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone Box.

Repackaging is a rather complicated process, so we divided it into several stages. Each of the stages is controlled by different operators. The packaging itself is one of the final stages where the goods arrive already without their postal packaging, and therefore there are no parcel numbers on them. Which is why you should indicate and specify which particular product requires additional packaging.

It is also worth noting that we cannot add any items to your parcel during the repackaging process. As well as we can’t remove something from the parcel if it exceeds the weight you expected. The parcel is weighed on issuing of the invoice, when it is already ready for dispatch.

Requests for packaging, pic. 1

In addition, please bear in mind that the packer can fulfil only a short request related to packaging. Some lengthy procedures during the packaging process cannot be done. There is a separate section with special requests for this. We often come across requests to remove price stickers from all products. Obviously, so they wouldn’t get noticed by customs or the recipient didn’t know the value of the gift. We can remove prices from things, but not during the packaging process. This takes a lot of time, so the packer does not do this kind of work. To do this, you can select the special «Miscellaneous» request before sending to us and write in the comments what you require.

Also, please note that if you have not selected the option «Additional Packaging», but at the same time asked for it for some specific item, we will do it and include the cost of additional packaging in the invoice.

In addition, do not set different things between the sending options and the comments to them. If you select the option «remove shoe boxes» and write in the comments that no boxes should be removed, this will at the very least puzzle the packer. And he will either do as he understands your request, or we will have to not carry on with the repackaging until we clarify with you exactly what we should do. The repackaging time will increase as well by at least 1-2 days, because the warehouse would need to contact support, support would have to get in touch with the customer and then get the request back to the warehouse. This would also put your package at the back of the processing line.

Is it possible to return some product back to my account during the packaging process or throw it away if I do not want to send it?

Please note that we cannot return any goods from the parcel back to your personal account. Packers do not do this. If you need to split the parcel, you can use the special split request option. The only exception to this rule is that the packer can dispose of any product in the package during the repackaging process. To do this, please leave a clear request that you wish to dispose of certain goods, be specific on which items you want to throw away. This can come in handy if, for example, you ordered a bottle of perfume without reading our prohibitions. You don’t want to pay for the special request for splitting the parcel, because you do not plan to return them to the store. And along with the perfume in the package are the goods that you still want to receive.

In this situation, you can write in the comments section:

Please throw away the Armani perfume bottle from my package when repackaging

The general rule for comments to packers is to write them as fully and as unambiguously as possible. So that neither the translator nor the packer would have the opportunity to not understand you.

If you still have any questions regarding our packaging, then you can check out our detailed FAQ’s section. You can also ask any questions through the «Support» section in your personal account. We are happy to help!

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