Buying PS5 at Affordable Prices in Canada

With gaming becoming more popular than ever, PS5 or Sony PlayStation 5 has emerged as one of the most coveted gaming consoles in recent times. However, buying a PS5 in Canada can be a bit challenging, especially if you're on a budget. But don't worry, in this comprehensive guide, we'll show you how to buy a PS5 cheap in Canada in 2023 and save some serious money on your gaming purchase.

PS5 Standard vs Digital Edition

Overview of the PS5 (PlayStation 5)

Before diving into the world of finding affordable deals, let's take a closer look at what makes the PS5 so special. The Sony PlayStation 5 is the next-generation gaming console that offers stunning graphics, lightning-fast loading times, and an immersive gaming experience. With powerful hardware and innovative features, the PS5 has become a must-have among gaming enthusiasts.

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Features

The PS5 is not just about gaming; it also offers a range of impressive features that enhance your overall gaming experience. Here are some notable features of the PS5:

  1. 4K Gaming: The PlayStation 5 supports gaming in stunning 4K resolution, allowing you to enjoy games with exceptional visual quality and crisp details.

  2. Ray Tracing: With its advanced ray tracing technology, the PS5 delivers realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows, making games more immersive and visually stunning.

  3. Ultra-fast SSD: The PlayStation 5 features a high-speed solid-state drive (SSD) that significantly reduces loading times. Say goodbye to long loading screens and get into the game faster than ever before.

  4. DualSense Controller: The PS5's DualSense controller introduces haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, providing a more tactile and immersive gaming experience. You'll feel every action and sensation in your hands.

  5. Backward Compatibility: The PS5 is backward compatible with most PS4 games, allowing you to play your favorite titles from the previous console generation. This ensures a vast library of games to choose from right out of the box.

  6. Tempest 3D AudioTech: The PlayStation 5 audio technology creates a highly immersive soundscape, delivering a more realistic and nuanced audio experience. Hear every footstep, whisper, and explosion with incredible clarity.

These features, coupled with the powerful hardware of the PlayStation 5, make it a top choice for gamers looking for the best gaming experience. So, not only can you find the PS5 at an affordable price in Canada, but you'll also get to enjoy these incredible features that take your gaming to the next level.

PS5 models and prices

When buying the PS5 in Canada, it's important to understand the different models and their respective prices. Below, we provide more details and information about PS5 models and prices, divided into subheadings for each model.

Buying PS5 Cheap in Canada

1. Standard PS5 Model
The standard PS5 model features a disc drive and can play both physical game discs and digital games. It offers versatility and the ability to watch 4K Blu-ray movies. The starting price for the standard PS5 in Canada is $499.99.

2. PS5 Digital Edition
The PS5 Digital Edition is a disc-less version of the console, designed exclusively for digital gaming. It does not include a disc drive and all games need to be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. The starting price for the PS5 Digital Edition in Canada is $399.99.

When considering purchasing a PS5, it's important to compare prices among different retailers, as prices may vary. Additionally, availability may be limited, and it's advisable to check for restocks and promotions. Stay updated with official announcements and trusted gaming news sources for the latest information on availability and pricing.

Buying PS5 Cheap in Canada: The Work of the Site Qwintry

One of the best ways to buy PS5 cheap in Canada is by leveraging a service like Qwintry. Qwintry is a package forwarding service that allows you to purchase items from the US and have them shipped to your Canadian address. With Qwintry, you can take advantage of better prices and deals available in the US market.

Buying the PS5 via Qwintry

But how does Qwintry work? It's quite simple! You create an account on Qwintry, and they provide you with a US address. When making a purchase, you use this address as your shipping address. Once the package arrives at the Qwintry warehouse, they forward it to your Canadian address. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for finding PS5 deals at cheaper prices.

Advantages of Buying the PS5 via Qwintry

Why should you consider buying the PlayStation 5 via Qwintry? Let's explore some of the advantages:

  1. Access to US Deals: By using Qwintry, you gain access to exclusive deals and discounts available in the US market. This can significantly reduce the cost of your PlayStation 5 purchase.

  2. Greater Availability: The demand for PS5 in Canada often outstrips supply, leading to stock shortages. However, through Qwintry, you can potentially secure a PS5 even when it's out of stock in Canadian retailers.

  3. Lower Shipping Costs: Qwintry offers competitive shipping rates, ensuring that you don't have to pay exorbitant fees to get your PS5 to Canada. This further adds to the overall savings.

  4. Consolidated Shipping: Qwintry allows you to consolidate multiple packages into a single shipment, reducing shipping costs and ensuring that your PS5 reaches you in the most cost-effective manner.

Tips for Finding Affordable Deals

Shipping PlayStation 5 from the US to Canada

While Qwintry is a great resource for finding PlayStation 5 deals, it's always good to explore other options too. Here are some useful tips for finding affordable deals:

  1. Utilizing Deal Aggregator Sites: Websites like DealNews, RedFlagDeals, and PriceGrabber aggregate deals from various retailers, making it easier to find discounts, promotions, and bundles on the PlayStation 5.

  2. Tracking Retailer Discounts and Promotions: Keep an eye on the websites of popular electronic retailers in Canada. They regularly offer discounts and special promotions on the PS5.

  3. Exploring Online Auctions and Resale Platforms: Websites like eBay and Kijiji can sometimes have PS5 listings at lower prices. However, exercise caution and ensure you're dealing with reputable sellers.

  4. Considering Refurbished or Pre-owned Options: Buying a refurbished or pre-owned PS5 can be a cost-effective alternative. Just make sure to buy from reliable sources and check for warranty or return policies.

  5. Timing Your Purchase for Sales Events: Keep an eye on major sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day. Retailers often offer significant discounts on gaming consoles during these periods.

Online Retailers in Canada

While Qwintry provides access to international deals, it's also important to explore reliable Canadian online retailers. Some prominent ones include Amazon Canada, Best Buy, Walmart, and EB Games. These retailers often have competitive prices and offer convenient delivery options.

Secure Online Ordering and Delivery

When ordering your PlayStation 5 online, it's crucial to ensure a secure and hassle-free experience. Here are a few essential steps:

  1. Verify Seller and Platform Authenticity: Before making a purchase, thoroughly research the seller and online platform. Look for reviews, ratings, and reputable authentication symbols to ensure you're dealing with a trustworthy seller.

  2. Use Secure Payment Methods: When making the payment, use secure payment methods like credit cards or trusted online payment systems. Avoid sharing sensitive information through unsecured channels.

  3. Check Return and Warranty Policies: Familiarize yourself with the return and warranty policies of the seller. This will give you peace of mind in case of any issues with your PlayStation 5.

  4. Ensure Adequate Packaging and Insurance: If possible, choose shipping options that provide adequate packaging and insurance. This will protect your PS5 from any potential damage during transit.


In conclusion, buying the PS5 cheap in Canada can be achieved with the right strategies and resources. By taking advantage of services like Qwintry, exploring deal aggregator sites, considering refurbished options, and tracking retailer discounts, you can save significantly on your PS5 purchase. Always prioritize secure online ordering and ensure reliable delivery options. With these tips and insights, you'll be well on your way to enjoying affordable gaming in Canada with the PlayStation 5 in 2023.

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✔️ What is the difference between PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition?

The PS5 Digital Edition does not have a disc drive and can only play digital games, while the PS5 has a disc drive and can play both physical and digital games.

✔️ Is it better to buy the PS5 or wait for a potential PS5 Pro?

It depends on your preferences and budget. If you want the latest technology and are willing to spend more, you can wait for a potential PS5 Pro. However, if you don't want to wait and are satisfied with the current features, buying the PS5 now is a good option.

✔️ What are the advantages of buying the PS5 with a disc drive?

The disc-based PS5 allows you to buy physical game discs from retailers and gives you the flexibility to resell or share your games. It also allows you to watch 4K Blu-ray movies.

✔️ How much does the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition cost?

The price of the PS5 starts at $499.99, while the PS5 Digital Edition starts at $399.99.

✔️ Which version of the PS5 should I buy?

The choice between the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition depends on your needs and preferences. If you prefer physical game discs, want the flexibility to resell games, and are willing to pay a bit more, the PS5 with a disc drive is recommended. However, if you prefer a fully digital gaming experience and are looking for a more affordable option, the PS5 Digital Edition is a great choice.

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