Parcel Returns: how to return the parcel to the seller

There are number of reasons for return:

  • The store sent an item of the wrong size, color or not what you ordered. To make sure that everything is all right in your parcel, you can use Qwintry special requests. If the return of goods from the store is paid, we recommend contacting its customer support and asking whether it is possible to return the parcel free of charge, given that the seller is to blame for the problem;
  • Before ordering, you did not take into account weight and size restrictions or did not pay attention to the list of prohibited goods;
  • You just do not like it or do not need what you bought anymore.

Alas, we can not refuse to receive a parcel already sent to the warehouse, even if you provide all the information about it. The matter is that parcels are brought to us in batches of hundreds, and even thousand pieces. The operator signs for everything at once, and then the employees add each parcel to the customer's account. Therefore, you can ask for return only after the parcel has appeared in your personal account.

If you need to return not all the goods, but only a part of purchases, you can do this using the special request service.

Return Policy

The first step is to clarify the return rules. To do this, you need to find the section Returns, Returns and Replacements, Return Policy on the website of the store - all variations that contain the word Returns.

This section is usually in the footer, at the very bottom of the site.

This is how it looks on Amazon:

Return Policy, pic. 1

And that’s on Gap:

Return Policy, pic. 2

As you follow the link, you will see the return rules, find out whether they are paid or free and will understand what do you have to do to return the goods. If you have any question, you can always contact stores technical support or the Qwintry live chat.

Free parcel return (the store provides a prepaid return label)

Free return means that you do not have to pay for sending the parcel back to the store, it covers all the expenses.

To employees of the Qwintry warehouse send your parcel back, you need to issue a special request for return of goods. It costs $7.

The label needs to be generated

Most often, a label is generated for each individual package directly on the store's website, in your personal account. Usually it looks like a sticker with the store address and information about the product/parcel, there is also a courier tracking number on it. In this case, the label should be saved in pdf, gif, png, jpg format, attach the file to a special request or copy the link to the label and insert it into the commentary.

Important: The label must be in its original quality so that the postal services and the return center can scan the barcode. PDF and screenshot will NOT work, as the quality is worse. If the label can not be scanned, it may result in a delay or loss of the parcel.

Free parcel return (the store provides a prepaid return label), pic. 1

Here is how labels are created on Amazon. A simple instruction will help you to go through all the steps.

Return method

Many stores offer a choice of two return methods:

  • Drop-off: the employees of the Qwintry warehouse will send the parcel back;
  • Pick-up: the parcel will be delivered by courier.

Always choose Drop-off – it guarantees that your parcel will return to the store without incident. As a rule, couriers are not ready to go to the warehouse, where there are many parcels, so they do not know which one they need to pick up and leave empty-handed.

Label inside the parcel

Stores that support free returns often put a prepaid label for returns directly into the parcel. In this case, write the comment "Prepaid label inside" in the special request.

Paid return (no prepaid label)

In case of a paid return, all costs of shipping goods from the Qwintry warehouse to the store are covered by the customer. In order to return the goods:

1. Find out the address where the store accepts returns.

The address is usually specified in the Returns section. If it is not there, the store support service will tell you the information.

2. Calculate the cost of sending to this address using the USPS Priority method

In order to find out how much the delivery from the Qwintry warehouse to the store will cost, use the USPS calculator. Follow the link to the USPS website. On the first page, you need to select only three values. The Qwintry postal code, the store postal code and the send form at the bottom of the page "Calculate Price Based on Shape and Size".

Paid return (no prepaid label), pic. 1

 On the next page you can enter the weight of your parcel. Please note that the checkmark is by default on Standart — the weight is denoted in pounds. If you need, change to Metric, then you can indicate weight in kilograms. Then just click on "Package" button to see the price of shipping. 

Paid return (no prepaid label), pic. 2

The most expensive delivery method will be shown first .You can ignore this offer and just keep in mind the price of the second method "Priority Mail 2-Day". All other methods are not suitable for sending except the First Class. You can use First Class shipping method for your parcel if its weight is 13 oz or less (that's about 0.81 lb or 368 grams)

Paid return (no prepaid label), pic. 3

The price, of course, will vary depending on the weight and distance.

3. What to write when making a sending

Now you can proceed to create the sending. To do this, in the "In Stock"; section, select the parcel you want to return, and edit its declaration:

Paid return (no prepaid label), pic. 4

The declaration to the returned parcel should look like this:

Paid return (no prepaid label), pic. 5

After saving declaration as a complete one, we can create the sending by choosing the "Send" checkbox. 

Paid return (no prepaid label), pic. 6

Select the parcel and click Send in the right-handbottom corner of the screen. In the second step,fill the delivery address — this is the address of the store, in which we want to return the parcel:

Paid return (no prepaid label), pic. 7

... and on the third we select the USPS Priority method or First Class (if it's available) and choose the option "Return to the store" so the warehouse operator won't repack your parcel:

Paid return (no prepaid label), pic. 8

As a result, you created the sending to the USA to the store address with the following parameters:

  1. Type: Priority/First Class
  2. Insurance: Not required
  3. What to write in the declaration: Return
  4. Option: Return to the store

At the final step, save the sending with the button "Create an order" and wait for the invoice. The standard packing fee will be also included in the invoice, since the warehouse operators do the same job with your orded, excluding the switching seller's shipping box to one of ours. Preparation of the parcel takes 1-2 working days, after which you can make a payment, and the goods will be returned to the store.

We again recall that some shops cooperate with customers, so after the seller receives the goods back, you can contact the support of the store and ask for a refund for the delivery - in some cases it works.

Answers to the most popular questions on the use of Qwintry and all its services can be found in the "How to use" section.

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