6pm - How to Buy in the USA: What Is 6pm? A Shopper's Guide

We will tell you how to get around some restrictions and buy goods in America cheaply. And at the same time we will write about all the intricacies of shopping at one of the most popular stores - 6pm!


Only newcomers to online shopping do not know about 6pm, and even that is unlikely — many people just start shopping on the Internet in order to get to the “tasty” shop windows of this site!

The key words a shopaholic needs to know to shop successfully at 6pm:

  • Features of the store: specificity, assortment and some nuances;
  • Payment methods and how to fill out the billing;
  • Ways to bypass the ban on viewing the site from different countries (if not the USA) ip-addresses.

The specifics of the 6pm online store

What attracts avid shop fans to 6pm? Obviously the prices! Of course, it's not worth saying that this online store always has the best and cheapest prices. Sometimes, when you buy something at 6pm, you can find the same thing cheaper in any other store, even on Amazon. However, the statistics are relentless: 6pm is one of the most profitable Western giants.

6pm 2

Let's figure out what it is and what it is eaten with! 6pm is the stock store of discounted goods from shoe giant Zappos, which in turn is owned by an even larger internet predator, Amazon.

What does it mean?

It means that all goods on the site of the shop are much cheaper than new collections, and most of them are sold with discounts of up to 75-80%. So it turns out that at 6pm you can buy Asics sneakers for $ 26 or a Calvin Klein shirt for $ 30.

The official 6pm website also pleases us with the Daily Deals section, which recommends certain “brands of the day” to users, which items can be bought today with an increased discount. On average, on www.6pm.com it means that the item is selling 40-70% cheaper than the manufacturer's recommended price — the one which the product debuted with.

6pm 3

The rest of the site does not look overloaded at all. On the home page we are greeted by a moderate amount of useful, which is important, advertising; there is also advertising in every section of the site, but the design of the store is very laconic.

Speaking of convenience. Another important advantage that greatly simplifies shopping is that the 6pm online store shoots short videos for its users demonstrating the most popular products. That is, if you want to buy, for example, Timberland boots, open the model you are interested in on the 6pm website and watch a minute-long video, where they will show you this pair of shoes, as well as how it looks on your foot.

At the same time, the store makes a markdown on a wide variety of brands, from penny to very expensive, on the purchase of which you can save several hundred dollars, or even more. Of course, quite often such savings are due to the fact that the store has the last size or only one color. However, there are discounts not only for clothes and shoes, but also for bags or accessories, the size of which does not matter. Therefore, all lovers of good discounts are strictly shown regular visits to the 6pm online store. This is especially true during the sales period when discounts reach their peak.

Many people have a deeply rooted myth in their heads that 6pm is exclusively a shoe store. In fact, this is not the case. The 6pm assortment is not limited to shoes alone! On this site you can order bags, glasses, watches, jewelry and even electronics. One of the interesting things is the fact that every day 6pm offers the best, in their opinion, goods at the lowest prices - it’s the serious reason to monitor the "six", looking for the desired item.

Payment methods and how to buy from 6pm

Orders may only be shipped to US States and Territories only. However, the store admits that some users (like you and me) will find a way to legally bypass this limitation. How to buy your favorite things at 6pm if you are not from the USA?

So let's start in order:

To conquer the online store 6pm.com, you need to sign up. Fill in the required fields: indicate your name, email address, and password. Next, you need to enter the delivery address. It is the address which you got at the Qwintry website right after registration.

6pm 4

Attention! In the "Full Name" field, you should indicate the same name, which you registered at the Qwintry site. And in the "Address field" you need to specify your unique Suite number instead of XXXX. You can find it in your address, which you received when you registered at Qwintry.com. The Suite number and your name help us to determine whose Incoming parcel it is when it arrives at our warehouse.

You also need to specify a payment method. When entering the data, just indicate the registration address of your card (Billing Address), it is usually your home address.

6pm 5

Congratulations! The registration and entering payment method at 6pm  was successful — now you can safely use the service.

Shop advantages

At 6 pm there is a whole guide to measurements, which helps not only to understand what parameters are indicated on the item page, but also to choose your size as accurately as possible. This is a very important detail for online shopping, so having a detailed guide is one of the strengths of the site. 

Also 6 pm has got other advantages:

  • the ability to collect a complete wardrobe and accessories for the whole family on one site thanks to a huge assortment;
  • only branded products of high quality;
  • great prices for brands that are expensive even in the USA;
  • additional savings not only on basic discounts, but also via coupons.

Coupons should be discussed separately. The store provides promotional codes with an additional discount on some products. They are sent to registered users by email. Codes are not given to everyone and not always, their meaning is in the limited supply. But many people share such information completely free of charge on various thematic forums, so it is worth looking for this information before buying.

Codes classification:

  • permanent discount;
  • one-time discounts for a specific product;
  • discount with the period of validity;
  • discount for the next item if you buy one;
  • a gift for purchase;
  • get a free item when purchasing some products.

The name 6 pm means that all promotions take effect after 6 pm in the USA, so if you want to buy rare goods, you should visit the site at this time.


It's nice that 6pm US shipping can be completely free if you follow one simple rule. You need to buy 2+ items or $50+. But if you don't need so many things in the store (which is unlikely), you can simply pay the standard $3.95, and the parcel of any value will be delivered to our warehouse in 4-5 working days (as the store promises). Well, if the deadline is running out, you can pay extra: $9.99 is a two-day delivery; $14.99 — and the package will be delivered in one day.

And it doesn't matter that you can't find the official 6pm website in your native language - the Americans didn't bother to translate their store into any other language. They also did not think about the possibility of delivering purchases somewhere abroad. Orders may only be shipped to US States and Territories only. But at the same time, it is very easy to understand the store interface, and if the knowledge of English is still not enough, you can translate all the necessary information with the help of an automatic translator or ask the operators of the "Shopping Help" service to give assistance. Commonly it is convenient to browse 6pm.com even without knowledge of the language, there should not be any particular difficulties — the site functionality is clear that it does not even require the use of 6pm in any other language. All design details are standard, no secrets or difficulties. The only reason you may need translation is a product description.

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