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How to ship packages around the USA when you are not in the United States?

Modern technologies allow you to buy shipping labels without going to the post office. Moreover, a parcel located in the United States can be sent within the United States via the USPS, even while you are in another country. Find out how the USPS postal label system works and why buying shipping labels at Qwintry Global is the best solution for you. Read

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The purpose and different types of packaging

The main function of any packaging, regardless of its type, is to protects the goods from damage. However, in some cases it is still better to learn about the types of packaging and how we work based on it. Read

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Returns: how to return the parcel to the seller

How you can return a paracel from our warehouse back to the shop.


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What is special request and how to use it?

A special request is an opportunity to check anyorder that came to our warehouse and getguarantees that you are not getting a pig in apoke, but the exact goods that you ordered. A seach special request is an additional work of an individual employee, these services are paid. However, we set a very modest price on them. Read