What is special request and how to use it?

A special request is an opportunity to check anyorder that came to our warehouse and getguarantees that you are not getting a pig in apoke, but the exact goods that you ordered. A seach special request is an additional work of an individual employee, these services are paid. However, we set a very modest price on them.

Check the size of clothes or shoes

Not sure that clothes or shoes fit you? Create this special request, and the operator will unpack the parcel, measure the size of the named item and report the result. Specify in the comments, what it is necessary to check. If there is no such comment, we will inform the size of the item indicated on the tag. This special request is about clothes or shoes. If you want to measure something else, it's better to create a special request "Miscellaneous" and specify all the information there. Service cost: $5 for measuring one item.

Take pictures of items

When creating this request, be sure to indicate what and how to photograph. The cost depends on the quantity of the goods in the package and the complexity of the request. For example, if an item needs to be unpacked, laid out, photographed from different sides and angles, and then packed back, the price is higher. It is important to understand that the cost of this request does not consist of the number of shots, but of the time spent on its execution. Cost of the service: from $4 per package.

Take a picture of the coupon

If there is any coupon in the parcel that you need, order this service. The operator will find it and take a picture so that all information is readable. Cost of the service: $3.

Take a picture of the invoice

The operator will unpack the parcel, find the invoice from the store and take a picture of it. Service cost: $3 per package.

Take a picture of a mail label

When this request is executed, the parcel is not unpacked, the operator just photographs the mail label on the box with the delivery address and the name of the recipient. Cost of the service: $1 per label.

Compare items with description in the invoice

This special request is needed to make sure that the store has not confused anything and put exactly what you ordered. The operator will unpack the parcel, get the invoice and check on it, whether all the items are in place. The price depends on the number of items: the more of them, the more this service is. Cost: from $5 per package.

Return items back to the store

This special request is needed if you decided to return the received parcel to the store. There are some subtleties here, so we devoted a whole separate article to this request. Cost of the service: $7.

Return some items back to the store

This request is necessary if you want to return only a part of items to the store. When choosing this special request, specify which of the contents of the package should be returned and what to leave. The operator will unpack the parcel, get items to be left (they will appear in your personal account as a new parcel), and the rest will be returned to the store. Our separate article about returns here. Cost of the service: $10.

Check the weight of the parcel

If you doubt that the weight of the package is correct, select this request and we will check it again. If an error was made during weighing, the request will be free. Cost of the service: $3.

Divide the parcel into several parts

This special request is necessary if you want to divide one parcel into several parts and send them separately (a new part will appear in your personal account as a new parcel). The price depends on the amount of items in the shipment and on how many parts you want to divide the parcel. Cost of the service: from $7.

Remove a parcel from my account, I don’t need it

If you decided that the package you received is no longer needed, but you don’t want to spend money to send it back to the seller, select this request. Cost of the service: free.

Pre-pack a fragile item

For such purchases, as the screens of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other super-fragile items, an ordinary packaging is not enough. They need an individual approach, so if your items need non-standard packaging, use this special request. The cost of the service: from $5 per package.

Test the phone / computer

For this type of special requests, our operator will unpack the parcel, turn on the device and check its appearance. Creating the special request, you should indicate an additional information in the commentary, preferably to list the points what and how the item needs to be tested. But you understand that our operators do not have the resources of full-fledged service centers, so there will be no specialized checks, and also no possibility to insert a SIM card into the phone. Cost of the service: from $7.

Fill the declaration

With the help of this special request you can instruct the filing of declarations to our operators. To do this, you need to select the delivery method and attach the invoices from the store, where the descriptions and prices of the goods that are in the parcel, are seen. Service cost: $0.5 per line, minimum $1 per package.

Depending on the load of the operators, the execution of any special request takes from one to three working days.

All completed, active or canceled special requests can be found in the corresponding section of your account.

How to create a special request?

First of all, you need to receive a parcel that will appear in the column "In Stock" in your personal account. To apply for a special request, click on the button "Create a special request". After that, write a comment, attach the file, so that the operator clearly understands what do you need, and choose the type of special request. As soon as our employees process a special request, a notification will be sent to your e-mail.

The cost of a special request is charged from your balance when you send the parcel home, so even if there is not enough money on your account, feel free to order as any special requests as you need! Video tutorial and complete instructions on the Qwintry service: from registration to receiving the parcel at your home

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