How to ship packages around the USA when you are not in the United States?

Modern technologies allow you to buy shipping labels without going to the post office. Moreover, a parcel located in the United States can be sent within the United States via the USPS, even while you are in another country. Find out how the USPS postal label system works and why buying shipping labels at Qwintry Global is the best solution for you.

What is a USPS shipping label?

A USPS postal label describes and specifies what’s inside a package, contains the sender and the recipient names and addresses, the weight of the package, and a tracking barcode. In addition to the information about the origins and destination of your package USPS labels are registered by customs for international delivery.

An important advantage of USPS postage labels is the possibility of creating and pre-paying them online. A sender indicates the addresses, the weight of the package and lists the contents. After paying the shipping cost, it is simple to print the generated label and stick it on the package. That’s why these labels are also called prepaid.

Most USPS shipping labels look like this one:

USPS shipping label
Credits: USPS

On the USPS official website you can purchase any number of postage labels, be it one or more. However, buying shipping labels on the USPS website is actually available to Americans mostly. In addition to the complex interface, there is a second obstacle — mainly the site accepts American bank cards for payment.

Create shipping label
Credits: USPS

There are currently special services allowing you to get USPS shipping labels online. Residents of any country can in no time buy and print a postal label for shipping items located in the United States. The popularity of this kind of service is growing steadily. There is a practical example of when it is suitable to ship a parcel around the United States while you are in another country.

Using USPS shipping labels for returning purchases back to stores

From time to time Qwintry customers, while shopping online in the United States, need prepaid USPS labels, for example, when it is necessary to return some purchases back to the store. It usually happens if stores do not provide their customers with prepaid labels and the cost of return is at the expense of the buyer.

Return shippment
Credits: Qwintry.Global

On the Qwintry website, in such cases, it is proposed to arrange the shipment and pay the shipping cost at the USPS retail price. Alternatively, you can use the services of the Qwintry Global service. Registration in the system is simple, postal labels are sold at wholesale prices, and payment can be made with Visa or MasterCard credit card of any bank, unlike the official websites of US postal services.

The data you need to create a USPS postal label:

  • Package dimensions (length, width, height), approximately;

  • Package weight. If you return the entire package, then its weight can be found in your personal account on the Qwintry website, "Inbox" section. If it is part of a parcel, then the weight of each individual item can be found on the store's website, or indicate their approximate weight;

  • Sender address (your Qwintry warehouse address);

  • Recipient address (a store address).

After you buy a label, save it on your computer, tablet or smartphone, then attach it to the special request for return on the Qwintry website. And the warehouse staff will send the parcel or part of it to the store as soon as possible.

The obvious advantages of Qwintry Global are easy registration, an intuitive online form, and wholesale shipping prices. Users are insured against errors when filling out the form.

Pros of buying USPS shipping labels with Qwintry Global

There are several obvious reasons to use Qwintry Global rather than buying postal labels on the USPS or other companies' websites.

Buy USPS shipping labels
Credits: Qwintry.Global

Simplicity of singing up and payments. The USPS website is not adapted to work with citizens of foreign countries. After completing a long registration, the user, most likely, will not be able to add funds to  the account balance with a non-American card. Qwintry Global is free from such restrictions. You can sign up and create a shipping label very easily being in any country, and pay your purchase with an existing bank card.

Low shipping rates. When buying a postal label on the USPS website, the user pays the maximum shipping cost. The heavier the package and the further the package is travelling, the higher the shipping cost. Using the Qwintry Global service, you get postage labels at wholesale prices with a discount of up to 35%, compared to the USPS retail price.

No limit on shipping labels quantity. Unlike alternative services, Qwintry Global does not set rules on the number of USPS labels purchased. Need just one shipping label? You pay the cost of one label. Need 1408 shipping labels for Your Business? Buy 1408 labels at the best price without additional fees.

No signup fees. No setup fees. No monthly fees. Pay as you go! Just shipping labels at discount prices!

Customer Support in English and Russian.

Qwintry Global is one of the modern solutions allowing you to solve a specific problem quickly and easily. Get your free account and get USPS shipping labels at discount prices.

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