How to Buy a Wrangler in America

You can easily order Wrangler branded jeans from the USA in the online store at the most attractive prices with discounts. Ordering on the official website of the brand, you can save significantly, getting a high quality product that will last for many years. Long service life, unique design and many available options allow everyone to make a profitable purchase. 

Where to buy a Wrangler?

Where to buy a Wrangler?

Wrangler jeans are not cheap even in the U.S. The cost of a pair starts at $70, but you will get a quality garment for many years, which does not wear out over time. At the same time in the online store there is no extra charge, and many models have a discount.

Cost-effective purchases can be made with the help of Qwintry. This service provides an opportunity to easily send a purchase from the American online store. Among the main advantages is a free American address in Delaware, where you can send a parcel with the subsequent delivery by the available delivery services to your home. At the same time the cost of such delivery is low, which allows you to save significantly when buying branded things online. 

Order Wrangler

Buy Wrangler in USA 

To order Wrangler things with Qwintry, it is enough to perform a number of simple steps:

  • Go through a simple registration procedure by filling out the registration form. After that, you will receive a free American address that you will use to make your purchases via email.

  • Place your order at the Wrangler online store and other sites where the brand's products are available. Add the clothes you like to your cart to place your order.

  • Check out in your Qwintry profile. Combine all your purchases to save money, then choose the best shipping method. Qwintry employees at their warehouse in America repackage items according to international shipping requirements, so you can be assured that everything will arrive intact. 

Buy Wrangler in USA 

If you're having trouble buying a Wrangler branded item in the U.S., then you should contact Qwintry technical support. Specialists are always ready to advise on all issues. If necessary, the staff will help you buy the product you like. This purchase will be sent to Qwintry's warehouse in America, and then delivered by one of the selected delivery services to your address. 

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✔️ What online stores can I shop at?

You can buy goods in any US online stores: multi and mono brand stores, small private ones and supermarkets.

✔️ What products cannot be shipped from the USA?

What products cannot be shipped from the USA? If you are unsure whether certain goods can be shipped, we advise you to contact our customer support helpdesk and clarify this information.

✔️ I do not want to fill out the declaration. Can you do it for me?

You can use the special requests service to fill out the declaration: create it for the incoming parcel, attach the purchase invoice, and Qwintry’s specialists will prepare a declaration for you.

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