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There are many brands of stylish footwear for men in the US. Most of them are not known in every country. To remedy this omission, we are launching a series of posts on the best companies you can trust.

Florsheim: 130 years old family business

The American brand Florsheim specializes in the production of casual shoes for men and boys. In the company's catalog you can find both chic leather bags and classic trouser belts, but it is brogues and boots that are the main product. Why hasn’t this brand been known in your country yet? How did the family business survive the growth of corporations in the second half of the 20th century?

American brand Florsheim

The answer to the first question is fairly obvious. A lot of American brands have never appeared on the market of some countries, since promotion requires huge financial efforts, and the final result is unknown. In addition, during the period of the "Westernization", at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries, the Florsheim company was going through a difficult stage in history.

The men's shoe company was founded in Chicago in 1892 by Milton S. Florsheim. If it is quite common for us to wear clothes with the name of a designer, then 130 years ago, writing our own last name on men's shoes was a revolution in marketing. The company produced quality footwear that quickly gained popularity among Americans.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Florsheim expanded the catalog with models of women's shoes. Women's shoes under the Florsheim brand were produced for most of the 20th century, but the category was eventually sold.

For 130 years, the Florsheim brand has successfully overcome difficult times. Even during the Great Depression, the company's position in the market remained stable. When the heirs of Milton Florsheim sold the company to the Interco Corporation in 1953, the brand even improved. By the 1990s, the Florsheim brand store operated in virtually every mall in the United States. However, with the decline of large malls across the country, production began to decline.

Florsheim history

In 2002, the fifth generation of the Florsheim family bought the brand and restructured the company. Over the past 20 years, a stable product line has been formed and distribution channels have been established. The main stores selling Florsheim shoes for men and boys are Zappos (as well as the 6pm outlet), Macy's and Shoes.com.

The main advantage of modern Florsheim models is the price / quality combination. The brand's shoes and boots are relatively cheap, especially if you buy them at sales. At the same time, men's shoes are made from high-quality leather, which is not afraid of even heavy showers (the author of the article could be convinced of this from his own experience). The shoes look stylish. Florsheim shoes and boots are so comfortable that you don't want to take them off. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to this brand when shopping.

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Choosing men's shoes Florsheim

We examined the catalogs of American online stores, and selected typical models of Florsheim men's shoes. Our selection criteria are classic timeless look, convenience and price.

Florsheim Crossover Lace to Toe Casual Sneaker

Buy in Zappos: $ 90

The Florsheim casual sneakers are the perfect office / city shoe. If we talk about appearance, the combination of a simple silhouette and classic colors (brown, black, gray) allows you to wear sneakers with jeans and a trouser suit.

However, the main advantage of everyday sneakers lies in their ergonomics. Florsheim shoes fit the foot comfortably. Soft skin flexes properly when walking, without leaving sharp cracks or chafing calluses. The underside of the Crossover Lace to Toe sneaker is made from an EVA platform and a rubber sole. Therefore, in such shoes you constantly walk as comfortably as on a carpet. And since the sole is soft, the shoes fully live up to their name, sneakers (from the English to sneak).

There are alternative models with elastic soles in the Florsheim catalog: the even more sneaker-like Formula Lace-Up Sneaker, and modern Oxfords, for eg., the Transit Cap Toe Oxford.

Florsheim Sorrento Wingtip Oxfords for men

Buy in Zappos: $120

Florsheim Sorrento Wingtip Oxfords

Finding a good pair of Oxfords is a tricky quest if you're shopping in your country. Don't waste time on endless shopping trips if you can order chic leather men's shoes with leather (!) Lining online. Due to the correct processing of the material, it is unlikely that creases will form on the front of the shoes over time. This means Sorrento Wing Tip Oxfords can last for many years with proper care.

The model we have chosen is available in three colors, black, brown and burgundy. We advise you to buy shoes in burgundy color. These shoes create a pronounced color accent so that your look is stylish, but with a touch of originality.

Men's Florsheim Lodge Cap Toe Boots

Buy in Zappos: $120

You will be absolutely happy with the purchase of Lodge Cap Toe, because these demi-season boots are comfortable in a warm room and on a cold street. The advantage of the classic style in the case of Florsheim boots is fully manifested, since it is difficult to find an elegant pair at a reasonable price in your native country stores. Especially shoes that look good for the second season and beyond.

Choosing Florsheim, you are always confident in the impeccable performance and excellent ergonomics of the shoe. Shoes, casual sneakers and demi-season boots made of genuine leather or suede can literally be called an investment in your wardrobe. You will be able to wear them for many years, combining both with informal clothes and with a trouser suit.

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