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Cecil – a high quality and style clothing brand

CECIL, like many companies of this scale, started small – the first tiny boutique was opened in 1989. Since then, the company has been actively developing and growing, today there are more than three hundred branded boutiques, almost eight hundred stores in large shopping centers and about 2000 other points of sale in Europe. Under the Cecil brand, a special type of clothing is produced – these are wardrobe items designed exclusively for confident, practical and independent women, with a sense of their own dignity. The casual style is very common in collections, which, with a certain selection of accessories, allows everyone to look attractive in any conditions and situations.It is worth buying Cecil clothes only in order to gain inspiration for new achievements, backing it up with an appropriate look.

Cecil – a high quality and style clothing brand, pic. 1

Original and stylish Cecil women's clothing

Formally, the company is owned by two British firms, but the Cecil country of origin is Germany, where the brand was founded and has been successfully operating to this day. In addition to the German market, the Cecil clothing is in great demand throughout Europe and neighboring countries.

The brand made a success very quickly due to the impeccable quality of products, modern design and models practicality combined with the elegance. The casual segment in the world of fashion is considered to be one of the most demanded and profitable one, but the competition here is simply enormous. That is why Cecil clothing is constantly being improved and checked which is necessary in every second struggle for leadership.

Not so far, the brand decided to expand its range with menswear. The debut collection was greeted very warmly, Cecil shirts and other men's parts of clothing became popular very quickly. Mostly it’s the result of the female audience's long-term trust – when the men's collection was released, lots of women knowing about the quality and convenience of this brand definitely wanted to buy a couple of pieces for the significant other.

Reasons to love the brand Cecil

Mention should be made of the brand advantages:

  • high quality natural fabrics;
  • comfortable fit of any model and type of clothing;
  • outstanding design for daily style;
  • accuracy and durability of sewing;
  • high performance characteristics;
  • ease of care;
  • a wide range for all ages and body types.

One of the brand features which differ it from from other manufacturers is its versatility – here you can completely create a wardrobe from A to Z, taking care of all the details and trifles. The secret of the success of each line is in a subtle combination of aristocracy with simplicity, femininity and practicality.

cecil купитьBasic 3/4-Arm Shirt Amelie
cecilWarm wool hat
Reasons to love the brand Cecil, pic. 3Cotton grey chinos
Reasons to love the brand Cecil, pic. 4Wraparound Bracelet
Reasons to love the brand Cecil, pic. 5Middle lenght tshort
Reasons to love the brand Cecil, pic. 6Schmale Hose Janet

In addition, Cecil clothing prices are quite affordable, given the level of the brand and its policy of destroying old collections – unsold editions cannot be found in stocks, they are burned, as is common practise for the most advanced fashion brands.

Online store catalogs are very convenient and provide comprehensive information about new arrivals, discounts and promotions, special offers. You can easily sort the data by the most popular criteria. The collections are updated quite often – once a month you can see a fresh assortment with unique samples.

Where and how to buy Cecil clothes – jeans, outerwear, dresses and suits

The company has a lot of branches around the world, but not all of them are specifically in your city. In addition, the cost in such boutiques is much higher than in the official online store. It is online shopping that allows you to save money as much as possible, while receiving an exclusive high-quality product. Not many people think of pricing methods and the difference in cost of the same item in different stores. But the fact remains — Cecil jackets in your country will cost much more than on the website. There is also a difference in what country the order was placed from and which address it is going to be shipped to.

Where and how to buy Cecil clothes – jeans, outerwear, dresses and suits, pic. 1

It will be optimal to make a purchase directly in Germany. It is not necessary to go there. Such a service as "Qwintry" makes it easy to purchase branded clothing at web sites all over the world. The principle of operation is extremely simple. The customer does everything from a remote server with a German address when shopping so the site gives out the minimum prices without taking into account various aspects of customs and trade policy. After that, your order will be delivered to a special warehouse in Germany, and from there – to the buyer's address at the lowest rates. Of course, the company offers direct delivery to many countries, but it will be quite expensive and will negate the savings. But with the help of "Qwintry" you can choose the shipping method at the lowest prices.

The purchase of high-quality clothing from the "Ceсile" company at the lowest prices is the choice of practical, wise people who know well what they want from life and achieve it. This is an excellent combination of high style, convenience, quality and reasonable cost, as well as a certain measure of exclusivity, since the brand is not widespread among the general population.

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