American Vitamins: 5 Compelling Reasons to Order Products from the USA

Dietary supplements and vitamins from the United States have long been considered a standard of quality throughout the world. And now, thanks to Qwintry, the best American vitamins, nutritional supplements, trace elements and hypoallergenic products are available to us on the most favorable terms.

American vitamins: 5 reasons to order products in the USA

Pros of shopping in America

Top reasons to buy American vitamins directly from the USA:

  • Confidence in quality - Western standards are very different from ours, it's not a secret. The products undergo a more thorough examination and certification, harmful and unknown impurities are unacceptable in it, the dosage, expiration dates are strictly observed, and each element must be indicated in the composition. But the question is not only in the manufacturer, but also in the geography of sales - unfortunately, our market officially receives products of lower quality, as the norms allow. As a result, the same drug in the same package, but purchased in your counrty and the United States, will be different. Therefore, it is important to order vitamins from America, even if they can be found in your native country;
  • Price - when ordering items using Qwintry, you can significantly save money, any American site of dietary supplements offers more favorable conditions for its products than when buying the same brands in other country;
  • Discounts - in addition to the initially attractive cost, there are many other ways to save; all large stores periodically hold promotions, sales, and have accumulation systems. There are even permanent and regularly updated sections with promotional offers - if you look at them regularly, you can make purchases for mere pennies;
  • Assortment - the market for various supplements and forms of their administration is simply immense, one and the same drug can be found in any form and choose the most suitable option for yourself, not to mention the variety of the funds themselves. On foreign sites, rare substances from all over the world are offered, you can get not only American vitamins, but also extracts, herbal preparations, and homeopathic remedies;
  • Service - let's be honest, the American approach to trade is much more attractive, in the USA every client is highly valued, the company values its reputation and reviews, trying to please everyone. This creates great service conditions, attractive club programs and promotions that entice us to visit this or that site again. Many resources offer cumulative discounts, give gifts and bonuses. When ordering on a non-US site, the customer always gets more than just their purchase.

American vitamins: 5 reasons to order products in the USA 2

How to buy vitamins in the USA

There are specialized online stores of vitamins and there are also sites that combine not only medicines, but diverse products for a healthy lifestyle, natural care for yourself and your home. For example, some popular sites are (you need VPN for visiting the site),,,  as well as similar products can be found on

Many buyers from all over the world order vitamins with iHerb - this site is famous for its huge range of multivitamins, minerals, supplements, natural hypoallergenic products, including skin care cosmetics. The iHerb store is also famous for its comprehensive approach - the catalog contains high-quality American vitamins for women, men, children, the elderly and pregnant women, as well as minerals, specialized products for strengthening bones and joints, improving digestion, immunity, hair, nails and skin condition, detox, normalize sleep and weight. All kinds of enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, oils and fats, sports nutrition are presented in large quantities. There are even options for animals.
The choice is large, so finding the right product is both easy and difficult. If you know exactly what drugs are needed, then it will not be difficult to find them. For those who are just discovering the world of useful supplements, looking through all the categories and studying the drugs will take a long time. But no one leaves such sites empty-handed.

American vitamins: 5 reasons to order products in the USA 3

The actual registration process is very simple - you need to register on the Qwintry website and get a free American address. This way, you can shop with all the benefits available to US residents. This is a necessary step, since specialized stores rarely provide direct delivery to other countries. Then everything is as usual: registering on the site where you want to make a purchase, placing an order. When the goods arrive at our warehouse, you can put them in one package and send them to your home. Qwintry delivery is safe and profitable, if desired, the parcel can be insured.

Please remember that medicines from the USA to any country can be sent at the personal responsibility of the client.

We recommend your should pay orders in dollars — otherwise, you will have to face the problem of unprofitable currency conversion. In addition, the cost in your country currency may differ from the cost in dollars. 

Discover shopping abroad - it is an opportunity to easily monitor the health of your family, buy only high-quality products, maintain a healthy lifestyle and at the same time save money!

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