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What are rebates

Saving on purchases is not only possible nowadays but essential, especially since there is a huge number of different options available. One of them is getting a cashback or rebate. A rebate is a part (usually some percentage or a fixed amount) of the cost of the goods that is refunded to the buyer; under certain conditions.

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The core of the cashback service is simple – use a particular service’s website that redirects the buyer to the store to complete the order. After that, a certain amount is refunded to the buyer's account. The size of the cashback is indicated on the service’s website. Different stores have their own rebate percentage, on average from 1 to 20%. The amount is credited to the buyer’s account from the original website, where they can then withdraw the money.

How does it work?

The rebate service has an agreement with the seller, based on which it brings customers via a certain link and makes money that way. Part of this profit goes to the buyer. Shopping via cashback services is very profitable, because the buyer doesn’t lose anything by using it. There are many platforms offering similar services, but it’s much more convenient to choose a company with a large number of ‘partners’. This way the buyer can easily make purchases in a number of stores to get the best deals.

As an example, you can find same item from several different sellers and compare the price. Few will be selling it for $100 with a 1% cashback, and others at $110 with a 20% refund. Obviously, the second option will be more profitable even though the price of the goods at first glance is higher. And if sometimes we are not talking about $100, but larger amounts, then such deals will help buyers get the most from shopping!

Mr. Rebates service

The ultimate leader among the rebates services is Mr.Rebates. Through it you can get discounts in more than three thousand online stores. And the number is constantly growing. Mr.Rebates offers low rebates from 1-3% and higher rebates at 15-20%, as well as promotional codes with coupons that can be applied during sales or promotions in different stores. In addition, Mr.Rebates has an excellent referral program – if new users sign up using your personal link, you will get 20% of their rebates.

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Mr Rebates service was launched back in 2002 and today allows its users to save on purchases in online stores around the world, in particular the EU, China and the US. The partnership works well for everyone and online stores receive far more buyers than those that do not provide cashbacks. In return, Mr. Rebates receives commission from the platforms for mediation.

By and large, Mr.Rebates is not very different from similar services, but this site has several advantages:

  • More than three thousand partner stores, and the number is constantly growing;
  • Impeccable reputation – timely payments in full, no hidden conditions;
  • Shoppers not only receive a cashback for the amount spent, but also get the option of applying discount coupons;
  • Weekly specials with higher rebates;
  • Regular payments.

For the most popular foreign stores, you can receive cashback as below:

  • Amazon – up to 7%;
  • AliExpress – 6%;
  • Macy’s – 5%;
  • Walmart – 3%.

Additionally using coupon can provide as much as an 85% discount, while sometimes the rebates are calculated not from the discounted price, but from the original.

So let's go over the registration process to start making purchases using this valuable resource.

Registering an account on Mr.Rebates website

Before you start shopping in US stores you need to create an account. It’s fairly simple – follow this link. Please note that the link is a referral from us, so after completing the registration process you will receive $5 in your Mr.Rebates account.


The registration process itself takes two minutes. Most important is to correctly fill in the address where the company will send your check.

* Instead of the symbols #### you must specify your Qwintry suite-number, which you can find in your personal account on our website.

** Instead of the full index 19720-8108, use only the first five digits before the hyphen, 19720. Otherwise, the site will return an error.

How to receive rebates

Before making purchases in a particular store, you need to go to Mr.Rebates website and find a link to the one you need. Our advice is to not just follow the link right away, but carefully read the user conditions and look for any additional bonuses beforehand. For example, if you decide to buy goods at the popular Nordstrom store, start by finding the store link on Mr.Rebates.

Next, click on the link with the name of the store, which will redirect to the website and make purchases. Nordstrom gives up 5% of the value of all purchases, these are already marked and will appear in your account shortly.

You can even make the process even easier by installing the ‘Mr.Rebates’ extension for Google Chrome. In this case, when you open a partner’s website you will automatically get a reminder about the possibility of getting a cashback. All you need to do is click on that notification, and get automatically redirected through Mr.Rebates. Remember to register and log in to the service beforehand.

Receiving rebates is simple, but does require some explanation.

Rebates are usually credited after the store has sent the package and you have received it. This is due to the following rules:

  • The store withdraws money from your card only after the order has been sent;
  • Mr.Rebates must make sure that you don’t cancel the order (in cases where the item did not meet buyers’ expectations and was returned to the store, the rebate will not be credited).

Finally, the first rebates appear in your account on Mr.Rebates. They will show up in the column ‘Pending Rebates’ and stay there for 90 days. Usually, it is during this period that the buyer can return or exchange the goods.

How to cash in your rebates

After 90 days, Pending rebates will be moved to the Available Rebates section. This means that the money there can be cashed in.

What is the best way to do it? Most of our customers use a check to pay for Qwintry services. It is fast, convenient and completely free – we do not take any commission for using checks from this site. In order to receive rebates, click on the ‘Request a Check’ button and they send the check to the address you provided during registration.

What you need to pay attention to

The first thing to keep in mind is that Mr. Rebates sends checks at the beginning of each month. If you see the amount in the Available Rebates column, you can click on the ‘Request a Check’ link, fill in the details necessary to send the check, and click on the ‘Send Check’ button. After that, the check is ready to be sent, but it will only come to us at the beginning of the next month.

When filling out the details for the check, it is important to remember that Qwintry can cash the check only if it is made out to our company  Qwintry LLC  while the address should indicate your Qwintry address, including the Suite number.

Typically, it takes several weeks for the checks to arrive to our warehouse. After that they will be processed by our system and passed to the bank. Checks are processed once a month. In total, the whole process takes about 4-5 weeks.

As you can see, using rebates is simple and straightforward. The main thing is not to forget to go to Mr.Rebates before you decide to buy goods on your favourite site. This allows you not only to save money using coupons and promotional codes, but also to get part of the money back in cash. Double win is that Qwintry credits your rebates to your account without any additional commission.

Rakuten cashback service

Another cashback service popular in the US is Rakuten. The company changed its name just in May 2019, it was previously known as Ebates. The service was first launched back in 1999, and partnered with about forty stores. At the moment, the service allows you to get a cashback from almost two thousand stores around the world.

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Setting up an account on Rakuten website

It’s very simple to become a member. In the upper right corner you need to click the ‘Join Now’ button, and fill out the fields for password and email address. A nice bonus is that you get a welcome credit of $10 in your account; which will become available after spending $25.

After registration, you will need to set up how you want cash in your rebates. To do this, in the personal account on the website you must open the ‘Big Fat Payment’ Settings tab. It is required to indicate your mailing address and then confirm it – you will receive an e-mail with a link. Now you can set up money withdrawal. There are two options: a personal check to the specified mailing address, or a transfer to PayPal. Rebates are paid automatically once a quarter – in the middle of May, August, November and February. There is a minimum withdrawal amount, it should be over $5. at least $5.01. If the total amount in the account is less than that, the money will not be lost, but will just carry over to the next quarter.

After everything is set up, the account can be used for its intended purpose – to make purchases and receive rebates.

Shopping with Rakuten

The site has a list of partner stores that Rakuten has agreement with. The companies are arranged in alphabetical order and have rebate amount indicated. The number of patners is huge, so it’s better not to scroll through the list, but to find the right store using the search. Just enter the brand name in the search bar or, just like with Mr.Rebates, use the special extension for Google Chrome.

In addition, it’s convenient to search not for the company, but for the product itself. This way you can find the best price and the largest cashback, and you can also use the ‘Coupons’ tab; there are coupons for many popular stores.

When you find the item you want, simply click ‘Shop Now’, and follow the link to the store to complete the order.

Important! In order for the cashback service to work, and all the rebates to be credited to your account, you must follow some simple rules:

  • Disable pop-up ad blockers like AdBlock;
  • Disable blocking cookies;
  • Do not forget to activate the cashback through an extension in the browser or through the service’s website;
  • Close all windows with the pages of the store where the purchase is made;
  • Do not open other pages after being redirected from Rakuten.

Register on our website and cashback services to buy any type of items you want with great discounts! 

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