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How to buy products in the Dell Store

DELL brand appliances are characterized by impeccable quality, performance and long service life. If you want to get computers at a minimum price, you should order from the DELL online store from the USA. Read

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How to order U.S. polo USA online shopping with delivery

​​​​​​​Clothing and related products under the brand U.S. Polo are popular all over the world. This company is headquartered in the U.S. and that is where most of the purchases are made. Read

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How to buy Converse sneakers in the USA and save money

​​​​​​​Converse is a brand that most people associate with first-class footwear, primarily sneakers. The company is based in the United States and has a large network of branded stores there. It is no secret that American-made goods, when sold in another country, get a lot of markups and are sold at 3-4 times the real price. Read

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How to order Gap from America with delivery

The store is extremely popular among the fans of stylish and fashionable clothing. Here you can buy many things, spending little money. Sensible, bright and functional clothing is the most important particularity of the brand. Read

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How to order Vans USA online store clothes and shoes

Vans is the largest brand that sells clothing, shoes, accessories for people of all ages and genders. Considering that this is an American company, the biggest and best part of its offerings is concentrated in the United States. It is Americans who have access to all the best and most exclusive Vans. Residents of other countries have to make do with a limited range of products and not the most lucrative offers. Read

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How to order Ray Ban sunglasses in the USA online

Years of experience and responsible approach to production made the Ray-Ban brand recognizable and desirable far outside the USA and Italy. These are products for those who appreciate durability and reliability. Thanks to the Internet, Ray-Ban products are now available in almost every country and most of the purchases are made online. Read

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How to buy Lee jeans from the USA

Lee jeans remain stylish for many years, fitting almost every outfit perfectly. You can order the needed variant on the official producer’s website at a good price. Read

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How much does shipping from America cost

Many residents of Canada periodically order goods from America. There you can buy household appliances, smartphones, jeans, branded clothing and much more. As a consequence, the question of delivery arises. Read

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How to buy goods on ASOS

How to make purchases on ASOS with delivery? In this article we will tell you how to buy goods in the popular British online ASOS store and order delivery to Canada. Read

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How to buy Calvin Klein online store

In America, you can easily order Calvin Klein clothes much cheaper than in Canada. There are several possible ways to order the desired new thing, significantly saving at the same time. Read

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How to buy goods on Amazon

Amazon is the largest one-stop online store. A wide range of goods for every taste and budget. Read

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Purchase of goods at 6pm and delivery to Canada

The 6pm store is very popular among many residents of Canada. Read

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How to buy Tommy Hilfiger clothes and shoes

You can buy Tommy Hilfiger online with delivery to Canada in the online store or using Qwintry’s services. Quality clothing, footwear and household goods are available 24/7 in the virtual catalog. Read

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American sales

American stores always arrange seasonal sales, where you can buy branded goods at a bargain price. Residents from Canada can also buy a variety of brands cheaply in the US. Read

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Electronics with delivery from the USA

Buying household appliances and electronics in the United States is a profitable venture. Firstly, there is a high chance of finding exclusive devices and devices that are simply not sold outside of America. Read

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American jeans with delivery

Many people know that real denim is made in America. A very small number of original items reach other countries, and their initial cost can grow by 3-5 times. Read

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Buying Zara clothes and shoes

The famous Spanish company Zara is well known to the Canadian consumer for its excellent quality and exclusive items. However, many people know that most of the clothes from this brand on the market of Canada are stock models with an inflated price. Read

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Branded bags from United States of America

Women's handbag is an indispensable accessory that is part of the image. It is an assistant in daily life. Many women prefer to order quality handbags from the USA as they are much cheaper and more durable. Read

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How to buy shoes from USA with the maximum benefit

Original American shoes are now more profitable to order in the USA and ship across the ocean than buy in retail stores and marketplaces. Margins of local sellers are up to 70%, and the quality of footwear on the domestic American market is much higher. In the article we will talk about the advantages of shoes from the United States, and how to buy it with a good discount. Read

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Delivery of goods from the USA

When choosing clothes, household goods or electronics, you need to evaluate the transportability of the purchase and use the virtual Qwintry calculator on a special page. Read