Why Use Qwintry?

Online shopping has become very popular in recent years. People are particularly enthusiastic about US stores because they offer a wide variety of goods at the highest quality, and prices are lower than in Europe, or Australia, or Russia.

What is Qwintry?

Qwintry is an online service that makes it easy, safe and affordable to do your shopping online at US stores. But how does Qwintry improve your shopping experience in foreign online stores?

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The main challenges of online shopping in US:

Obstacle #1: Many American stores do not send packages abroad

Many great stores (Amazon, for instance) don’t actually allow customers to send a number of goods to Russia, Ukraine, or Kazakhstan, for example. Others don't deliver electronics to Australia or Brazil.

How we can help:

When you register an account on Qwintry’s website , you’ll receive your own American address. Sellers would much rather send your purchases to an American address than to a foreign country. The address you use is different from the address of our warehouse in the United States. After your package arrives in the Qwintry warehouse, we’ll notify you by e-mail that we have received your purchase. Then, you can use your convenient personal Qwintry account to send the package right to your home.

An additional bonus: in Delaware (the US state where Qwintry warehouse is located) there is no sales tax! So, our clients can save up to 10% on the items they buy.

The main challenges of online shopping in US:, pic. 1

Obstacle #2: It’s expensive to ship goods from the United States to other countries

If you buy a couple of things from five different American stores and order delivery directly to your country (assuming these stores even send packages abroad), then you’ll receive five poorly packaged boxes that are priced by weight. So, you’ll end up paying up to $50 to ship each package — that comes to a total cost of $250 to send all five boxes.

How we can help:

You can send all of your online purchases to your own Qwintry address in Delaware, and when we receive all five boxes from each store, you can consolidate them into one shipment order. When you place your order directly on our website, you can choose from different packaging options to best fit the needs of your purchases. We will remove all unnecessary or heavy packaging materials and invoices from the seller (if your are sending the package as a gift to friends and family), and carefully repack your items so that they fit into one box that weighs significantly less than the total of all the individually packed items. And, the delivery price is much less for one package than for five!

Obstacle #3: Your purchases might be damaged or stolen.

Qwintry is famous for its well-thought-out approach to packaging. Stores usually pack their products up very simply. More often than not, they use normal cardboard boxes sealed with tape. These packages don’t have any additional protection and can be opened easily by anyone.

How we can help:

At Qwintry, we understand that packaging for international shipments should be much more secure. We pack all of your goods in plastic wrappings that are sealed with a plastic strip so that they can’t be opened without cutting the seal. Your merchandise, wrapped securely in plastic, is then placed in a new, sturdy cardboard box that has all of its seams and edges sealed with reinforced packaging tape. These are standard packaging procedures.

Beyond standard packaging, you may choose from a number of supplementary measures for protecting your purchases: security tape and additional packing materials that protect against damage and unauthorized access to especially valuable and fragile items.

In addition, we offer full insurance coverage to protect against all types of risk. You can insure your package through Global Green Insurance, which provides complete coverage over everything, including the loss of individual items or the entire package.

Obstacle #4:

When you buy clothing or shoes online, you may order the wrong size, or the store might send you the wrong color. But, it’s expensive to return an item back to the United States all the way from your country!

How we can help:

When your purchase arrives at our warehouse from the store, you can create a special request for your order — for example, we can measure the insole of your shoes in centimeters; take pictures of your new dress; or make sure that the contents of your package match the invoice.

You’ll receive notification in the mail that we have fulfilled your request, and then you can check the results on your personal account page.

The main challenges of online shopping in US:, pic. 2

When you have more complete information about the state of your online purchases, you’ll be able to make a better choice about how to proceed with your package: you might want to return it to the store, or send it on to your house.