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Only on March 15, 2021
What was our eleventh year like?
For a number of reasons, the 12 months that have elapsed were an extraordinary period in the life of Qwintry. Yet your trust in us in such challenging conditions gave us even more strength. We were able not only to keep up the quality of our service but to create even more comfortable conditions for our clients.
A new groundbreaking move was introducing the Qwintry Plus subscription, using which our steady clients save up on delivery, insurance, and purchases at Qwintry.Store. Also, the subscribers get access to personal sales to Garage Sale, where they can by clothes and useful household appliances on favorable terms.
Since September 2020, the Qwintry clients have even been able to make money from making purchases. This is as simple as it can be with the Qwintry Cashback program. All you need to do is go to the web pages of the stores plugged in to the program, purchase any product, and then the cashback will be posted to your Qwintry balance automatically, once the purchase has been authorized by the store.
We continue to broaden the range of our products and we are constantly improving the Qwintry.Store service. If you order for $80 or more, free global delivery is automatically included. In addition, all of our clients have access to our referral program with significant bonuses.
A gift season!
A new surprise every day!
Qwintry Plus
Qwintry Cashback
Qwintry Store
Looking forward to meeting you at our 12th birthday party!
In March, Qwintry is celebrating its birthday, and it means that the time has come to thank all of our clients! Thank you for being with us, and special thanks for staying with us during such a challenging year of 2020.

For such an occasion, we have prepared birthday gifts for you. Make sure to check our calendar every day and collect your bonuses from Qwintry and our partners! Hurry – the number of gifts is limited.

Qwintry has turned 11!

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A raffle of limited-edition hoodies: subscribe to our Instagram account, add 2 friends in the comment box below, and like the photo.
Use our "Shopping Help" service free of charge with the promo code QWINTRY11
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Use the $11 GARAGE11 coupon for all purchases in Garage Sale from $22 and higher.
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The first 3 lucky people who will send us the code "Q+11" in the Instagram Direct messenger, will get a six months' subscription for Qwintry Plus.
Only before March 25, 2021