Please keep in mind that our warehouse in Berlin can only ship packages to Russia. There are only two methods available - Qwintry Air and Qwintry Economy.

Qwintry Air

Average delivery time

8-14 days to Moscow

Type of delivery

Courier, pick-up

Volume weight

Yes, if sum of three sides is more than 150 cm

Own proprietary delivery of Qwintry with an optimum parity of terms and the price. The cost is calculated according to the physical weight (for parcels, the sum of three sides of which is less than 150 cm). Parcels fly direct or transit - depending on the situation on the airlines - flight from the US or Germany, pass customs in Moscow and after that are delivered to the recipient. To find out if this method of delivery is available in your city or country, use our calculator.

Parcels are delivered by courier services, right up to the door, or to the pick-up points. The type of delivery (courier / pick-up) and the point can be selected when creating the dispatch. Please note that the storage time of the parcel at the pick-up point is 7 days. At the end of this period, the order is delivered to the temporary storage warehouse.

Maximum box size: sum of three sides - no more than 150 cm, length of one side - no more than 1 m. Currently we only use ground transportation for deliveries from Germany.

The cost of re-delivery of parcels in the Russian Federation to the pick-up point: $5,5. The cost of repeated courier delivery: $8. The surcharge is due upon the coordination of re-delivery of the package with Qwintry Support by debiting the personal balance from your Qwintry online account. For a number of regions remote from Moscow, the cost of re-delivery is calculated individually, based on courier service tariffs, re-sorting and trunking costs.

Map of pick-up points


Qwintry Economy

Average delivery time

15-30 days

Type of delivery

Delivery to the Russian Post offices

Volume weight


The development of Qwintry, helping to make the delivery of parcels from the US really beneficial. In Berlin package is transferred to the Russian Post, and then gets to local post offices. Please note that sending by Qwintry Economy method is possible only through the territory of Russia.

The cost is calculated by physical weight. Due to more favorable tariffs this method of delivery is an excellent alternative to USPS Priority.

Maximum box size: sum of three sides - no more than 150 cm, length of one side - no more than 1 m.

We pack the items in pallets and deliver them to the transport hub in Europe, where parcels pass customs and get to the Russian Post. A full tracking of the parcel is available from the time of departure from the Qwintry warehouse.

With Qwintry Ecopost, you save on transport costs, but not on quality. This method is just as reliable, yet more accessible than traditional mail delivery methods.

For Ecopost parcels, simplified customs clearance is applied - the requirements for declaring the contents of the parcels are exactly the same as when sent using USPS methods.

In case of exceeding the customs limit on the value of the parcel, you will receive a notification from the customs service, in which the further order of actions will be indicated.

The parcel returns to the European warehouse. After that we can either send the parcel again, or leave it for storage in our warehouse. In either case, all additional costs are paid by the sender.

Important: if you form your parcel of many similar things, it is likely that the customs will regard it as commercial and will calculate a duty of 30%. Note also that the Ecopost method completely prohibits the transfer of any knives.

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