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Shopping help
Your favorite store doesn't accept your credit card? Not feeling much like shopping today? We can buy everything for you! Our Shopping help service can buy everything on your behalf from US online stores easily. Just submit an order directly from your account and we'll take care of the rest!
The service offers many other benefits:
full support of the order until its arrival at the warehouse
searching and applying discount coupons if there are any
free photos of purchased goods
filling in customs declarations
claims with the seller if/when necessary
Choose your preferred method of delivery from the US to Canada, and receive your packages at home :)
Regular service fee for Shopping help orders is 7% of the item(s) cost.
There is no service fee for the first order with the coupon LOVECANADA.
Just use this coupon when submitting your order.
User reviews
At such a difficult time my new boots arrived in just a little bit more than two weeks though I was ready for much longer delivery time. Thanks to those who work for us!:)
Hurrah! My package arrived very fast. Package arrived without damages or dents. Inside everything was also safe and sound. The box looks like it's just from a store, comparing to condition of packages from China it's worlds different. Thank you Qwintry for the Service.
Everything was packed properly, cosmetics arrived safe and sound.