Warehouse in the USA

Welcome to Qwintry Warehouse in Delaware. This is the place where your parcels from hundreds of american stores arrive, and sometimes even from abroad. You might be surprised, but all iPhones and other Apple devices usually gets here directly from China.

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We value responsible approach, and that is why we prefer to manage the warehouse on our own, rather than entrusting it to some other companies.


Miguel Acosta, a former marine and FedEx manager with 16 years of experience, manages the warehouse.

We have some regular fellow workers, but we also recruit temporary employees for 2-3 months during high season. Checking the criminal past and other possible violations are obligatory.


How warehouse operates 

Parcels get delivered by different postal companies a few times per day in big batches. We usually sign  for a whole container, not each individual package.


Throughout the day, several employees are engaged in processing parcels at the warehouse. This process includes photographing the label of each parcel, as well as weighing it, sticking the inventory number and registering the parcel at the client’s account. 


All parcels are stored only in sealed form just as we have received them. Valuable parcels are immediately placed in an enclosed space with an additional monitoring system.


When you click on the "Create Order" button, having created a new shipment, the warehouse employee sees it on his mobile device screen. He collects all the parcels that are included in the shipment. Then the parcels get additional verification and the sipment documents are printed.


After that, your products are prepared for packing. Each action of warehouse employees is video-recorded in the warehouse IT system, therefore errors are practically excluded.