If you remember, almost 14 years ago Qwintry began with the technology. Since then it has become our habit, and here is what we've come up with after all these years of the on-going development.

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All the main tech we make in house - from our website to our mobile apps.

From relatively simple projects based on open source solutions (for example, our first website was developed on Worldpress, and the second one - on Drupal), we've got our own custom-built CMS, our own client communication channels, with the helpdesk and the tasker.

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Warehouse management

We also created our own warehouse management system. And the cool part is that it does not only include basic steps like receiving of the packages, the packing and the shipping, but also the whole system of the analytics for the various internal processes - the time management, productivity analysis, and even our own CCTV system.

Warehouse management, pic. 1
Warehouse management, pic. 2

Our warehouse is managed by the IT-system, developed by our own team. There are several wireless internet systems at the warehouse, so that our associates can continue their operations even if one of the systems goes offline for some reason.

Warehouse management, pic. 3

Receiving of the packages is fulfilled by our Qwintry associates with tablets, directly into the warehouse management system. We use tablets and handheld computers for every other step at our warehouse, including putting packages on the shelves, packing and shipping customers' orders. 

Warehouse management, pic. 4

Every Qwintry associate at the warehouse has a special handheld device that allows them to work with the packages everywhere at the warehouse. Our IT-system not only records every operation done with the packages, but also monitors the working time and how effective it is for a particular associate.

Warehouse management, pic. 5

Our warehouse is equipped with several CCTV systems that monitor it, in general, and also record certain work places. Also, all our packages are insured against possible unforeseen situations, like accidental damages, flood, fire, theft, etc.

Internal instruments

Because most of the team (dozens of Qwintry associates in different countries) worked remotely, we needed guns, lots of guns... Sorry, just kidding... We needed systems of internal communications, a knowledge base, and some solutions to run and fulfill our every day work tasks. All those tools we develop and implement ourselves. Some - sooner, some - later, after we test other options and realize that we are not completely satisfied with them.

Internal instruments, pic. 1

Third party solutions

With everything above said, Qwintry team doesn't suffer from the NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrom! :) So, we actively use some third party solutions of they fit our needs.

For example, all the code written by our developers is being committed to Gihub, automatically tested via the CirleCI and Jenkins, and all the important metrics of our IT systems are being monitored with Zabbix and ELK-stack.

Third party solutions, pic. 1