Our team

Executives of many companies say that they value their employees. Some really think so but for others, it's just the right words.

At Qwintry we came up with some rules and have been following them for 14 years. They have helped us more than once to survive currency drops, changes in customs laws and economic crises.


Rule 1

We are a flat structure. We do have departmens, supervisors and managers, but we all communicate in common chats, argue and discuss new projects, everyone can share an opinion regardless of the position. 

Discussions help us to look at the problem from all sides, think over different solutions and choose the best one. Therefore, at Qwintry, we know for sure that the success of the entire company depends on each of us.


Work at Qwintry offers multiple advantages, like mobility and possibility to travel, but above all this there is a friendly team and an informal atmosphere where everyone can offer their ideas for solving problems. Qwintry team is like a second family :)


Leandro Cassius,
support manager for Brazil team

Rule 2

We love being flexible. We do not have a single office: at first we couldn't afford it, and then we realized we don't really need an office to be efficient. A few dozens of people all over the world - from Russia, Ukraine, Kazachstan to Germany, Slovenia, and Brazil. 

Flexibility, multiplied by a team of people on the same wave, gives an amazing result - we are eager to work, improve the service, and bring joy to customers.


Qwintry is a company of equals. You will never be left alone with problems or with ideas and suggestions. Colleagues who are ready to help, discuss any issue and simply support are online 24 hours a day :) This is the team!


Elena Tsoy, special projects manager

Rule 3

We love meetings. When you work remotely, there is a temptation to relax. We don't mean in the sense of doing everyday work - this is quite all right. But in terms of prospects and diversity of activities - there may be questions. We decided for ourselves that we need to meet more often - for the good of the matter :)

Therefore, in the USA and Europe we have special headquarters where any employees can come over and spend 3-5 weeks (yes, it takes that long), really learning how our warehouses works.


Well, we do not forget about entertainment - our warehouse in the USA is located in Delaware, and nearby there is the ocean, Washington museums, New York musicals and symbols of independence in Philadelphia.

Our European warehouse is located in Berlin, Germany, and the headquarters is in the center of Slovenia, between the Adriatic coast of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and the southern ridge of the Alps near ancient European cities: Venice, Graz, Zagreb.


We have the greatest, modern team! We support not only customers, we always help and are friendly to each other. We do not drink coffee together, but we make jokes, sometimes even have poetic battles. I am sure at such moments everyone laughs in front of the monitors.


Irina Morgunova,
Shopping Help operator