We have made some changes at the Shopping help service

Due to the increased load, we have made some changes at the Shopping help service:

  • We now have daily limits for accepting orders - it allows us to control the number of orders and adhere to the optimal terms of purchasing out. If you cannot place an order, please try to do it the next day.
  • We buy only from those stores where orders have already been placed - this allows operators not to spend additional time checking the reliability of the store. Even with this limitation, there are over 1500 stores available to you.
  • We added the possibility to specify the maximum amount for the order, which you agree to spend. It helps to avoid the additional communication and coordination of the order cost and the loss of time.
We have also implemented some technical features and increased our staff. All these changes will help to process orders faster and meet acceptable deadlines.

30 May 2022