Declaration for Qwintry Air – Check List

When sending via Qwintry Air to Russia, the declaration is checked more thoroughly than when sent via USPS. Pay attention to how to issue a declaration:

  1. Indicate SKU (article number) of the product from the seller’s website, the manufacturer and the website where you bought the product (‘GAP women dress, ref:323343,’, not ‘women dress’)
  2. Specify the exact characteristics of the product (‘apple iphone 6s 64GB gold,’, not ‘phone’)
  3. If you are creating a shipment to Russian Federation, fill out the Russian description of the product ("кроссовки", "куртка", "ноутбук").
  4. Give a link to the purchased product.
  5. The final declaration should be less than 50 lines.
Information about what Qwintry does not work with can be found here
Information about the prohibitions and restrictions of the
Customs Service of the Russian Federation.

Frequently asked questions about filling out a declaration for Qwintry Air

- I can’t find the article number on Amazon!
Article number can be found at the bottom of the product page. It's called ASIN on Amazon.
- What if the product does not have an article number on the seller’s website?
In this case, the article number can be omitted, just write the name so that it is clear what is in the package (this is necessary for customs clearance).

The maximum size of either side of the box sent via Qwintry Air is 1 meter.

Please note that goods purchased in sets (lots) can be sent in this way only completely, without separation. This is due to the peculiarities of customs clearance for this delivery method.