Declaration: Tips and Tricks

1. Use English language. Not just transliteration, but actual English words. For example, if you are mailing five pants, use the word "pants" although in your country they may be called differently.

2. Use simplifed grammar. For example, if you are mailing a T-shirt for a baby, you can put it as a Babys tshirt.

3. Use the right wording. If you are mailing pants, don't write "pant'. If you are mailing shoes, you should declare them as "shoes", not "a shoe". Unless, of course, you are mailing just one shoe :).

4. Everything should be simple. Do not copy and paste items' descriptions from stores' invoices. The customs and stores have different rules :).

5. If you have more than one incoming package, remember, all descriptions should be similar, so that they would be able to merge when an outgoing package declaration will be formed.

6. Unite items in groups. If you have five different sweaters, you can declare them as "Sweaters".

7. Usually, commercial quantity starts after 7-10 items. So, you can divide your items and declare them in small groups. The final declaration should be less than 50 lines.

8. Use different wording, when describing similar items in different groups. For example, sweaters, can also be sweatshirts, shirts, tops, pullovers, etc.

9. Remember, you can edit final declaration.

10. Choose "Merchandise" when describing items in your declaration.

11. Remember, that Qwintry has it's own limits in terms of outgoing package's weight. At this moment, it is 44 pounds.