Qwintry's 10-year

Our story

In 10 years we have grown from a start-up to the biggest and most reliable mail-forwarding service with our own logistics developments, automated warehouses and a friendly team working worldwide.
First sketch drawn by Pavel Sobol


Qwintry was registered on the 15th of March, later that year the first warehouse was opened in Alaska


The first personal account was created for clients on Qwintry website


Moved to Portland, Oregon; IT department developed our first warehouse software


By the end of the year the first test batch of Qwintry Air packages was shipped, which still remains the most convenient and popular among our customers


Opened a warehouse on the eastern coast, in Delaware. Both warehouses worked simultaneously on two coasts of the USA


Qwintry opened a warehouse in Europe, started its own Shopping Help service, and developed b2b software


Mobile apps for IOS and Android were developed, Brazilian and Arabic departments began to operate with their own customer support service


Moved to a new bigger and better equipped warehouse in Delaware


Renewed Qwintry website, started a charity project which has become ongoing
Qwintry celebrates its 10-year anniversary
10 years ago Qwintry started as a university project and a two person team and now we have hundreds of thousands satisfied customers all over the world.