Offer for Wholesale Customers

This offer will suit you if you provide your customers with a purchasing service in the USA, are the organizer of joint purchases or have your own online store and want to sell quality products.

Qwintry will help you with the delivery of goods from America to your customer’s door.

And there is more!

What do we offer

Shipping at competitive rates

We will give you special discounts on delivery and insurance depending on the number of shipments per month.

Easy-to-use interface for an account

One-stop platform: all information on warehouse- and logistics-related services can be found through a simple and intuitive interface

Best Packaging

We use high-density cardboard with a moisture-proof layer inside, reinforced tape, and, if necessary, we will provide additional packaging for fragile items

Customs clearance

We conduct customs clearance in strict accordance with the Customs Code of the Customs Union. If you're looking to import products for your online store or other business, we're here to assist you.

No Qwintry Branding on the boxes

This free option is available for our corporate clients. Instead of the branded Qwintry tape on the boxes, the usual reinforced tape is used, as well as the name of your company is printed on the labels. If you process over 50 shipments per month through Qwintry we can offer printing of additional advertising materials and stickers for the boxes (at the cost of printing materials)


Wholesale Discounts


5 – 20 shipments per month

5% for USPS Priority and Express shipping

7% on Qwintry Air and Economy shipping

25% on Global Green Insurance

Wholesale Discounts, imagen 1
Save 5-7% on shipping with Qwintry Plus


21 – 50 shipments per month

7% for USPS Priority and Express shipping

10% on Qwintry Air and Economy shipping

33% on Global Green Insurance


More than 50 shipments per month

12% for USPS Priority and Express shipping

12% on Qwintry Air and Economy shipping

33% on Global Green Insurance

Warehouse Services

Service Description Price
Receiving the parcel On delivery we weigh and photograph the package, and then we enter it into our database using a unique inventory number. 0
Goods inspection upon special requests Special requests allow you to inspect the items you've received from stores, return them, or prepare them for shipping. From 0
Storing packages and goods at our warehouse

It is free of charge to keep the packages in our warehouse for up to 45 days from the delivery and 7 days from the packing.

After that incoming packages are charged at a rate of $0.5 a day, outgoing packages - $2 a day.
From 0

Why it is worth working with us

Delivery of a Small Volumes from the US at a Competitve Rate

Sending parcels to the end-customers directly from the warehouse at a low cost is both convenient and economical, taking into the account lowering the customs limit in Russia and other countries.

Fully Automated Warehouse

We have a fully automated warehouse: parcels are received quickly, they are never lost or taken, the human factor is excluded during most operations

Convenient Order Management

All your packages, goods and shipments are available for viewing and management from any device, and any necessary actions can be performed in a few clicks

Assistance with purchasing from American Stores

Shopping Help will help you to easily get items from stores with complicated purchasing conditions that do not accept non-US bank cards or do not send items to mail-forwarders

No Fee for Incoming Packages and Consolidation

We do not charge extra for processing of incoming parcels, as well as for their consolidation

Impeccable Reputation

Over 14 years of work, we have collected a huge number of positive reviews and an ‘army’ of loyal customers! And we will do our best to become the most reliable partner for you.

Why it is worth working with us, imagen 1

Even the Smallest Business can be International with Qwintry Logistics Solutions!

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