On the 15th of March Qwintry celebrates its birthday!
Solve a quiz in which all texts and pictures were invented by a neural network, and receive gifts!
For 13 years we have been helping to make purchases and deliver them all over the world.
Qwintry once started with technology, and now we are not just a logistics company, but also an IT company.
Therefore, this year, artificial intelligence helped us to come up with a festive quiz.
We greatly appreciate each of you. Thank you for trusting Qwintry with your purchases for 13 years!
We hope to continue cooperation with our customers and please you with our high quality of service. We wish you success and prosperity!
On behalf of the company, we would like to thank all our customers for their trust and support. During our existence, we have gained a lot of experience and are constantly improving technologies.
*The neural network comes up with great congratulations, but on our own behalf, we would like to add: