The greatest sale of the year will take place on the 29th of November. The immensity of this event — discounts can reach up to 90%. People stay at shopping malls till late at night, millions of customers fill up baskets with brand goods!

Thanks to internet and online stores — the event has become even more immense, and now Black Friday discounts are available to customers around the world. You will have 24 hours to buy what you like at the lowest price and get it delivered to you with the help of Qwintry.

Black Friday 2019 —
the biggest sale of the year!

Until Black Friday 2019
What may catch your eye on Black Friday
It's not a problem to find out where to find the best deals in the USA — all major brands and online hypermarkets announce sales, discounts and promotions. Monitor the news from your favourite stores to catch the most interesting deals — prices in the US are better than in most countries, and at night they will get even more attractive!
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How does Qwintry work?

and get an address for in the US purchases
products in online stores
purchased items to your home country
your package at home or pick-up points
Shop Help Service
If you don't want to spend time on reading store rules, don't know how to choose the reliable seller, are not sure in your English or simply want a professional to help you out — we can assist!
Our Shop Help operators will explain how it works and help you purchase the items you like.
Our commission is
of total order cost, but no less than $10
It works very simple — you give us a link to the product you have chosen, and we will:
Let you know and offer alternatives in case the seller doesn't look credible/trustworthy;
Find all possible discounts and coupons to make sure you spend even less;
Fill out all necessary documents;
Track the delivery parcels to our warehouse;
Answer all your questions.
All you have to do is choose the convenient delivery method and wait for your package :)
It is important to be on alert — all top merchandise on Black Friday Sale disappears in a few minutes.
6 advices/life hacks for great shopping on Black Friday
Do not waste time
Discounts are very good on Black Friday. If you see something that you like — buy it, don't wait for bigger discounts, there is a good chance that you will miss your chance waiting too long. And remember about Cyber Monday on December, 2
Stay calm
Make a list of items that you want or need — it's easy to buy dozens of items that you don't even need when you see a good price. It's a fact that stores make a great profit out of little things which people buy on spur of the moment.
Be ready
Register on our website and on those online stores that you are interested in. Add your purchases to the cart. If there are discounts on these items — they'll reflect in your cart. If not — check out the sections like Sale, Clearance, Special Offers. Do not forget to obtain a Qwintry address in the USA for fast and reliable delivery of the purchases!
Look for additional discounts
Online stores do not always provide best final offers — check out assisting services which monitor retailers' websites and gather all possible discounts and sales: one, two, three, four. Sign up to our social media as well — we'll keep you posted!
The sooner, the better
Create your shipping the sooner the better! Keep in mind that November and December are the busiest months for international deliveries. Do not wait to buy your Christmas and New Year gifts — it can be too late — because of intense occupation of Customs and postal services there is a chance to miss receiving orders on time.
Install Qwintry extension
Install our extension for Google Chrome and save some time — items you choose will get to your cart on Qwintry site and you'll be able to pay for it in your personal account. It also makes it easier to monitor discounts all in one place.
What is Black Friday?
This is a huge sales day for which all of America is gearing up. On this day, many people take a day off to shop. Of course, this does not apply to employees in the sphere of trade — for them it's the biggest load for the whole year.
When does Black Friday take place in 2019 ?
The answer is simple — November 29th. The start of the sale changes every year due to the floating of Thanksgiving date, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.
What time does Black Friday start ?
The Black Friday starts at midnight U.S. time. Despite the fact that now many companies are trying to beat the competition and open sales earlier, most sellers stick to the classic schedule.
How long does Black Friday last ?
It all depends on the store — some arrange a sale for exactly one day, and others prolong the action for the whole weekend. There are even offers that last all week or even a month! But in this case, you need to understand that the seller will not act at a loss: either the prices are not very reduced, or the most interesting goods have already run out.
Black Friday — where are the discounts ?
Discounts and sales take place literally in all stores in America! Black Friday is a unique opportunity to buy American goods of excellent quality at a huge discount. Take this chance: upgrade your wardrobe, get ready for the winter season, or please yourself with a gadget that you have long wanted to buy. You are unlikely to find new products from Apple on this day at a discount, but previous models of the iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods may well be sold at a discount. Black Friday takes place only once a year — do not miss the opportunity to please yourself and your loved ones!
Get ready for the biggest sale of the year!

User reviews

Everything is on the top level, this time I ordered 2 collectibles, a book, statuette and Funko figures for which was really worried as they have a very fragile box, but qwintry didn't fail, thank you very much:)
Hurrah! My package arrived very fast. Package arrived without damages or dents. Inside everything was also safe and sound. The box looks like it's just from a store, comparing to condition of packages from China it's worlds different. Thank you Qwintry for the Service.
I've sent quite a big package with Qwintry. It was packed well, no damages during delivery. I liked the work of Support chat. They answer any question really fast. This was my second package sent with Qwintry. I'm going to use this service again in future. Thank you.