Get up to 9% cashback off each purchase!

Now, when buying items in the US, you can enjoy the Qwintry Cashback service. Pay for your purchases in any way that is convenient to you, and get cashback posted to your Qwintry balance. No restrictions on the total amount or the product category!

2 steps to get Qwintry Cashback:

  • Go to the page with the store list.
  • Make purchases in the required store.
    To receive a cashback, you must make purchases within the same web session after going to the store’s website from the Qwintry page.
    Calculating the cashback depends on the store’s policies: some kinds of products / product categories may not be covered by the cashback program.

What else do I need to do to receive cashback?

Literally nothing! The cashback will be posted to your balance automatically. You can use the money on your Qwintry balance to pay for the delivery services and to pay for the Shopping Help service.

The benefits of Qwintry Cashback

  • Easy to use
    No extra signup required – the service is available directly from your personal account. No fixed minimum amount or paper checks – all the money is automatically posted to your Qwintry balance.
  • Different product categories
    With Qwintry Cashback, you can purchase clothes, consumer electronics, vitamins, and perfume.
  • Compatible with any bank cards
    The cashback is posted to your Qwintry balance regardless of which type of bank card you use, plastic or virtual. You will also receive cashback if you use PayPal to pay for your purchases.
  • Receiving cashback without Qwintry delivery
    Some of the US stores deliver their products directly to various countries. Using the Qwintry Cashback feature, you will have the money posted to your balance even without using the Qwintry delivery.
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